14 The Painted Queen - Season 1912-13

 UPDATE JUNE 2017, A firm publication date of July 25, 2017 has been set. The novel has been completed by writer, Joan Hess. Below are my original notes pre-publication. I have not finished reading this book, just delaying it to savor all the elements.

The season is 1912-13, the year after Nefret's disasterous marriage to that crook, Jeffrey Godwin, and the season after Emerson found a reburial cache at Zawayet el Aryan, and covered it up, leaving it for excavation later.

While waiting for the publication of this book, I received the news that Dr. Mertz had passed away. We have been dealt a great literary loss, a writer who loved all of her characters, storylines and the worlds she created for them. She was also a non-fiction writer and scholar, compounding the loss to the inquisitive fanbase.

The last update she'd posted on her site mentioned rewrites progressing with her assistant checking timeline facts. Her agent and publisher have not posted any updates beyond that last message, but fans all over the world continue to pass on tidbits, a sighting of the book listed for sale, soon to be published, news of any kind repeatedly discussed.

Barbara Rosenblat, that icon of talent, posted an ode to Dr. Mertz on youtube, http://youtu.be/cxNa_a6ERN4 dated November 2012, discussing her first meeting with Dr. Mertz backstage of a Broadway play, The Secret Garden. In 2012 she mentiones she vistied Dr. Mertz in her home in Maryland. The two were to attend the Maryland Library Conference, where Dr. Mertz was to receive the 2012 Maryland Author Award. Ms. Rosenblat was scheduled to perform a reading at the conference. Dr. Mertz gave her part of Chapter Three of The Painted Queen. Ms. Rosenblat performed it at the conference on Thursday, May 10th at the award luncheon.

Conference program http://www.mdlib.org/conference/2012/docs/program.pdf
Keynote Speaker list Page Four Barbara G Mertz MA PhD and Barbara Rosenblat. The picture of Dr. Mertz that is used in the program was taken on her appearance at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington DC, 2012.


Everything for the 19-12-13 season is subject to change because there's a book in the works! (Still unpublished as of mid 2016)

Season 1912-13

Ramses stays in Egypt with Sennia, living on the dahabeya with Lia and David until spring of 1912. He is working for Reisner. Before the heat of summer grows too great, David and Lia will sail for England, taking Sennia along with Sennia's nursemaid, Bassima. Ramses goes to Gaza for a few days in the summer of 1912. (this data comes from The Golden One.) The population has grown to about 40,000. He spends time looking at ancient construction because he knows Emerson will expect him to be able to relate details of his visit. The book that is in the works, "Painted Queen" will most likely begin in the archaeological season of 1912 which is late fall.

Relations: Nefret and her adoptive parents spend time in Switzerland so she can get psychiatric treatment.

Archaeology: Emerson and Selim will work on clearing the cache out of Zawayet's step pyramid in the winter months. Ramses will be there as will Amelia and Sennia.

Season 1913-14

David becomes more involved with the Egyptian liberation movement and is reported to be arrested and shipped to an internment camp in Palestine.

Ramses is reported to be upset about the decisions and edicts pressed on Egyptians by British military in their effort to quell rebellion that could strengthen Turkish forces who are aligning with Germany. The world is on the cusp of a great war. He works with his parents during the winter seasons in Egypt.

In mid 1914 Lea becomes pregnant.

Nefret finishes her medical training, specializing in surgery, a particularly difficult feat. She does this at a medical school in Switzerland.

Selim develops a preference for speaking English most of the time instead of Arabic. He adapts the English custom of dancing with his wives.

With growing political tension at the end of the 1914 season, German archaeologists are pulled out of Egypt. Emerson is entrusted with control of the Giza plateau and plans to work there the following season.

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