Christina G. Mitchell, MA MFT  •  Psychotherapy


Words seems insufficient to describe a process so personal, individualized, fluid, complex and remarkable. When looking for a therapist I believe it's important to find someone with whom you feel a sense of connection, support and understanding. Therapy can be a critical step in dealing with anxiety, trauma, grief, depression and relationship difficulties. It can provide a place where sensitive topics can be safely opened up and worked through. This experience can lead to feeling increased energy, clarity, trust and overall satisfaction. I have extensive knowledge and experience working with family issues, relationship/communication concerns, mood difficulties and parenting issues.

I find that exploring the present while keeping an 'open door' to what the past might reveal, can be useful. Often the flow of conversation goes to thoughts and feelings experienced during waking hours as well as those experienced while asleep in dreams.

I work with individuals, couples and children who are struggling with some aspect of their lives and wanting things to feel better. Sometimes people can articulate some aspect of what they want to change and other times it emerges steadily as we work.