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What is an Endowment Fund?  An endowment fund is a perpetual fund.  It is created by charitable donations in the form of cash, stocks, mutual funds, real property, or other personal property given to a Foundation.  

How does an endowment work?  The practice of investing the principal, rather than   spending it, creates a perpetual fund.  Most of an endowments  annual earnings are distributed to the designated benefactors or  programs.    Endowments provide a “forever giving” funding source to Catholic programs and activities.  It’s easy and does not require a monetary gift to set up.  A gift in your will could fund an endowment and leave a lasting legacy  for your family and for your Parish.    Call the Mitchell Foundation Office for more information at (605)999-9127.

Your gift to the Mitchell Foundation for Catholic Education can help  support the spiritual, educational, and  social well being of our Catholic faith community. 
A gift can help assure that our various ministries will be viable well into the future.  In addition, a donation regardless of size, is a beautiful tribute, a way to acknowledge a loved one or commemorate
a special occasion.


We have many generous families and benefactors who have established named endowment funds to perpetually support Catholic Education in Mitchell.  Please visit their pages below to learn their stories and the legacies they have created. 

Boehnen Family Endowment

Brock and Carol Millan Endowment

Byorth Family Endowment

Carney and Maggie Nelson Memorial Endowments

Charles and Lois Paulson Family Endowment

Clifford (Jack) and Margaret Young Family Endowment

Clinton and Donald Roster Endowment

Dennis and Diane Padrnos Family Endowment

Don and Barb Young Family Endowment for Faith Formation

Don and Jean Culhane Family Endowment

Dr. Leon and Rosemary Peschong Endowment

Edward and Kathleen Roster Family Endowment

Fred and Joan DeRouchey Family Endowment

George & Laverne Carey and Jerry Carey Memorial Endowment

Jerry and Jeanette Gebel Family Endowment

John Paul II School Music Endowment

Marley and Marianne Scheid Memorial Endowment

Mary Jo Wittstruck Memorial Endowment

Stephen (Steve) and Bernadette (Bunny) Koester Endowment

Marilyn Peschong Scholarship Endowment

John Paul II School PTO Scholarship Endowment

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