C.C. Mei Distinguished Speaker Series


The C.C. Mei Distinguished Speaker Series was founded, and has been organized since 2015, in honor of Prof. Chiang C. Mei. It aims to provide a vibrant forum for highly distinguished speakers, from around the world, to share their research with the CEE, MIT, and local Boston community.

The talks are held on Mondays 5-6 pm in Building
1-390 (campus map).
Reception starts at 4:30 pm.

Faculty Organizer: Prof. Lydia Bourouiba (Contact)
Administrative support: Carol Burke (

This series is made possible thanks to the support of the C.C. Mei Fund
and the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

03/19/2018 Prof. Nadine Aubry Northeastern University From reduced models of turbulence to microfluidics Fluid mechanics, low dimensional models, microfluidics
04/09/2018 Prof. Arif Masud         University of Illinois Urbana A new class of numerical methods with enhanced stability and accuracy: application to residual-based turbulence and non-newtonian bio-fluid dynamics
Numerical methods,  fluid dynamics Video
04/23/2018 Prof. Serge Hoogendoorn     Delft University of Technology Making mobility smart again

Urban mobility, traffic flow, simulation and management
05/07/2018 Prof. Maria Feng Columbia University If Bridges Could Talk Advanced imaging and sensing of structures, sustainability and resilience
05/14/2018 Prof. Howard Stone Princeton University New ideas for separation processes
Dynamics of complex fluids

02/27/2017             Prof. Costas Synolakis     University of Southern California Tsunami hydrodynamics,  coastal engineering, Fukushima YouTube
03/06/2017         Prof. Ashok Gadgil Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Inventing environmental technologies for the bottom of the pyramid: some lessons learnt Water treatment, technology placement, systems, energy efficiency YouTube
04/10/2017 Prof. Ruben Kretzschmar ETH Zurich Speciation and biogeochemical cycling of arsenic in a minerotrophic peak wetland  Arsenic, speciation, redox, wetlands
 04/24/2017     Prof. Emanuela Del Gado Georgetown University Soft matter in construction: computational statistical physics of sustainable cements
Amorphous solids, microstructure, non-linear mechanics, cement gels, jammed soft solids
 10/02/2017     Prof. George Sugihara UCSD Understanding nature holistically Chaos and patterns, data-analysis and prediction, ecology, environment, and finance

03/28/2016 Prof. Huajian Gao
Brown University

Mechanics as an enabling tool in bioinspired materials and biological interactions of nanomaterials

Mechanics and materials, fracture amorphous alloys, metallic glasses, lithium ion battery
04/04/2016 Prof. Mimi A. R. Koehl
University of 
Swimming and crawling in a turbulent world
Swimming, turbulence, biofluid dynamics, biomechanics

04/23/2016 Prof. L. Pamela Cook University of 
Non-newtonian fluids and the mathematics of surfactant fluids Fluids, mathematics, surfactant fluids

Prof. James M. Hughes Emory University School of Medicine and Rollins School of Public Health Reflections on emerging microbial threats Emerging infections, antimicrobial resistance,  One Health, SARS, MERS YouTube
Prof. Steve Weiner
Weizmann Institute of Science The complex 3D hierarchical organization of bone: surprising structure-function relations FIB-SEM 3D image reconstruction, embedded geometrical motifs, bone materials YouTube
10/17/2016     Prof. Luis Amaral    Northwestern
Traveling reports from an "illegal alien":  crossing into scientific domains without a degree Complex Systems, data Science, modeling YouTube
10/24/2016 Prof. Jacob Israelachvili University of
California Santa 
Dynamic (non-equilibrium, rate, time, and history-dependent) adhesion and rupture forces in material, soft matter and biological systems Non-equilibrium interaction forces YouTube
10/31/2016 Prof. S. Travis Waller University of New South Wales Representing information and adaptivity in transportation network planning Transport, complex networks, graph theory
03/09/2015 Prof. Henri Van Damme ESPCI-ParisTech and MSE2, MIT-CNRS From sand castles to urban modeling: A physicist's naive thoughts on construction and cities Vernacular architecture,
urban physics,
03/30/2015 Prof. Emmanuel   Villermaux  Université de Provence and Institut Universitaire de France Explosive fragmentation Explosions,
thin films,
Prof. Alessandro Vespignani Northeastern University Physics Department Modeling and forecast of contagion phenomena in the age of big data Complex networks, network theory,
big data,
09/21/2015  Prof. Michael Zhang University of California Davis From individual behavior to COLLECTIVE DYNAMICS:  modeling the control of congestion waves in highway networks
Traffic congestion, flow control, driver behavior, queuing networks YouTube
Prof. Chris Field
Stanford University

Climate change: mapping the problem space and the opportunity space 

Climate change, risk management YouTube

10/05/2015 Prof. Harry L. Swinney
University of Texas at Austin Universality in nature
Instability, pattern formation, dynamical systems YouTube
10/19/2015 Prof. Simon Levin Princeton University The challenge of sustainability Sustainability, modeling, public goods, economics, ecology YouTube