Welcome to AdSense Insider Tutorial

First, here’s a very brief outline of exactly how AdSense works:

  • You sign up for AdSense with Google, and, if you are accepted, Google will start placing ads on your web pages automatically.
  • If someone on your site sees an ad and clicks on it they leave your site.
  • Google charges the advertiser for the click and shares this money with you. This type of advertising is called Pay Per Click advertising, usually abbreviated to PPC.
  • The Ads you get on your web pages are usually relevant to your visitor.

The amount you can earn per click vary enormously from a few cents to many dollars. Yes, get your AdSense participation right, and you can earn several dollars a click!

AdSense is Google’s syndication program for its AdWords advertisements.

This means that it is Google’s way of placing AdWords ads on other people’s site – including potentially your own - so first up you need to understand AdWords to make sense of AdSense.

Google AdWords and AdSense