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mitain conrad
This person is Mr Al Zawari, wanted in over 3 countrie for fraud and forgery related crimes. Having evaded the investigatory authorities for many years he was finally apprehended following a tip off by private investigators Comorax Partners.
Al Zawari has been charged with several counts of Fraud, Attempted fraud and counterfeiting passports. He was found in possession of 4 passports all with different names and fake.
One of his victims was Mr Mitain Conrad, and with a convicted fraudster and former solicitor Bryan Howard Lewis he conducted a series of frauds in the United Kingdom. He used Mitain Conrad's ID to steal money and to cause a lot of people a great amount of distress. The real Mitain Conrad has suffered many legal complications, asset seizure, and is still fighting court battles. This man pictured below dupped many people into beliving he acted on behalf of Mitain Conrad and even went to the length of changing his appearance and wearing fake glasses to imitate the victim accurately. Such was this man's skill that he would meet his victims to learn from them and using his knowledge dupe even the most experienced bankers and solicitors into believing they were dealing with the genuine legal person. 
In the investigation it has been shown the real Mitain Conrad was unaware of the attempted frauds. In reality the master mind was Richard Murkin who later confessed to the crimes implicating Bryan Lewis and a number of other persons who are currently in hiding. ( MitainFraud Blog) Private investigators have been re tracing all the movements and actions of people associated with Mr M Conrad in an effort to confirm or rebuke allegations.
mitain conrad prison Mr Ali Al Zawari
The investigators of these crimes often implicate the victim and seek to obtain convictions by targeting the most innocent, lack of man power and skills in fraud mean investigations are summary and reliant on hearsay evidence. Where fraudsters such as Al Zarari gain their victims confidence sometimes over many months or years the hearsay evidence can be convincing, but it should be seen for what it is, a blatent attempt to reveal data from victims and use victims to further the fraudsters criminal activity.
Victims such as Mr M Conrad have very little recourse for the loss of earning, reputation and life they suffer as a result of such court trials.
The truth will always come out in the end and by naming and shaming on this site, printing his face and name  his victims  can rest knowing that their reputations will become clear.
 This article was recently published in several financial press having been syndicated world wide. With kind permission of the journalist we are able to provide a copy below. (Fraud Watch adds its thanks to the Journalist Gabrielle Beauparlent NYSL (Law) )             
FraudWatch August 2011 - Main Feature!! Click Here