About Me

I am a sophisticated, Ivy Leaguer in My mid-30s with long silky hair, youthful body and simply gorgeous face. I am both modern in My sexuality and traditional in My values; urbane in My manners yet unpretentious in My attitude. (For this reason, those seeking "haughty", "strict" or otherwise overbearing Mistresses would do well to look elsewhere).

I am a lifestyle dominant who prefers to build relationships with true submissives and novice players exploring their submissive tendencies.  Because I have much to offer, I will be quite selective in My process and very exacting in My demands. If you challenge My authority or veer from My directions, you will be summarily dismissed from consideration. For those of you who top from the bottom, please move along. If you can offer amusement, loyalty and admiration, I will allow you the privilege, the honor, of knowing Me.

My BDSM interests are genuine and varied; I do not act out a laundry list of activities. Each scene depends on the individual(s) participating – yes, I do meet couples – and the energy they bring. I design each scene based on our mutual interests and an understanding of your emotional and psychological needs.  Our activities should naturally converge and these discussions are best made in person.

contacting Me, please be ready to provide your full name, phone number, location and general interest areas. If I am uninterested in your proposal, or think we have divergent interests, I will decline a meeting. However, if I think you have potential, I will forward you additional details and instructions on how you can become part of My inner circle.