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L5R 4th Edition Character Sheets and Other Resources

posted Jul 6, 2010, 2:54 AM by Nathan Holt
Added L5R 4th Edition Character sheets, print the front page first, then a back page second--use your printers duplex option to print more sheets!  The back pages provided are of generalized, Monk, Samurai, and Shugenja varieties.  Don't forget to download and install the L5R Fonts so they print correctly.  Also uploaded are Skirmish Tokens, Skirmish Queue cards, Cheat Sheet, blank Spell List, and Character NPC sheets.
Don't forget about the Kata, Kiho, Spells, also found on the L5R 4th Edition Resources section, which come in a variety of formats, XML, Spreadsheet, Book, Booklet, and a Mail Merge Directory; the books are linked (print two-sided).  Note that the booklets may be finicky due to the margins and they may need to be adjusted for your printer--if your printer has an option for manual\automatic duplex I recommend using that instead of Word's manual duplex, the other documents should be fine.