All about Mr. Stafford

Full Name: Richard Wayne Stafford, III
Married to: Maren Legas Stafford
Children:  Ricky, Danja, Radi, Eli, Abe, Hyrum

Contact Info: 
Lakeridge Junior High School
  951 S. 400 W.
    Orem, Utah 84058

    This photo says a lot about me.  It is a picture of me coaching a basketball game.  As you can see, I am generally an intense person.  I graduated from High School in the Seattle, Washington area and graduated from the University of Alaska-Anchorage with a Bachelor's Degree in English in 1997.  Maren and I married in the summer of 1997 and together we went to Germany, where we spent the next 12 years.  Together we have six children and they have become the focus of our lives. 

    What is our family in to?  Sports!!  Maren played college volleyball and competed in college track.  She is the real athlete in the family.  Ricky plays soccer, Danja plays softball, and the twins (Radi and Eli) play baseball and wrestle.  Abe just started t-ball and Hyrum has already learned to hang from the chin up bar and do pushups baby style (he's only 1 year old)!
Having lived in another country for 14 years of my life, I have grown to appreciate the value of clear communication.  Those who can effectively read, write, and speak clearly have HUGE advantages in life.  The best jobs, the best education, and even the best extracurricular opportunities go to those with effective reading, writing, and speaking abilities.  Thus our goals for the year: recognize the value of these skills, work to improve our existing skills, and the ENJOY the process.
    I look forward to sharing my life experiences, the state core curriculum, and learning from your life experiences.  Bring a great attitude EVERY day and let's work hard!!