Mister Magoo's Addins For SSMS 2012

Latest News : MMGrid Addin released for testing. 1st August 2013

MMGrid Addin - testing

This add in for SSMS 2012 provides the following extra functionality for the results grid:

  • Alternate Row Colouring
  • Quick Maths
  • Grid Search
  • Column Width Locking
  • Create Table Script From Results Schema
  • Freeze Panes
  • Auto Size Columns
  • Tag Based Auto Size Columns
For instructions on installation (manual extract of zip file) and more info on the functionality, please see the included PDF.

MMNose Addin - testing

This add in for SSMS 2012 provides a check against DML queries that have no WHERE clause.

On execution of a batch containing an UPDATE or DELETE with no WHERE clause, the add in will ask for confirmation that you want to proceed.

This is - as the name may suggest - intended as the basis of a configurable code analysis (code smells) module to warn of bad practice or potentially dangerous code.

MMQuery Addin - work in progress

This add in for SSMS 2012 provides query history storage and retrieval.
It may not be released as the support aspect bothers me.

Not available for download at the moment, but please let me know if you are technically proficient in SQL and would like to try it out.

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