Post Production

The conversationJump Cut / Axial Cut - re-purposing a bad thing

Interesting perspective on Chaos Cinema

Cut in / Cut Away
Hitchcock version of the Kulochov Effect

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13 Ways to Use iMovie in the Classroom

For some advanced features and tricks in iMovie, check out this video:

Editing with iMovie

Includes both Apple and Android apps

Post Production Apps List

iMovie (iPhone/iPad: $4.99)
Extras for iMovie (iPhone/iPad: $0.99)

Youtube's Capture (iPhone/iPad: free)
VideoFX Live (iPad: Free)
Splice (iPhone/iPad: free version)
Videolicious (iPhone/iPad: Free)
vWave Lite (iPhone/iPad: Free)*
Vid Editor (iPhone/iPad: Free)
Magisto (iPhone/iPad: Free)
Vimeo (iPhone/iPad: Free)

Reel Director (iPhone/iPad: $1.99)
Videoshop (iPhone/iPad: $1.99)

Andromedia Video Editor (Android: Free)
WeVideo (Android: Free)
KineMaster (Android: Free) more...
Video Maker Pro Free (Android: Free)

Movie Edit Touch 2 (Windows: Free)

Pinnacle Studio (iPad: $9.99)*
Film Director ($2.99)*
Cut Notes ($7.99)*

*recommended by Antonio Manriquez of Hollywood High School