Final Cut Pro X Quick Start

Making the jump from iMovie or FCP "Classic"? 

Don't be intimidated! The amazing FCPX interface and it's well written code will unleash your vision and creativity LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Use this lesson plan to "quick start" any age group into the FCPX workflow. This can easily be a ONE period lesson. Let story go, don't shoot, just focus on the INTERFACE. Ingest, cut, modify, title and export - everyting after that is all about getting creative.
Sample footage to use for the Circus Wagon (feel free to use any clip of your own that's about 40-60 seconds long)

My favorite Final Cut Pro X plugins
(paid and free!)

Examples of student work produced 
in Final Cut Pro X,
 in a montage that represents our 2012-13 production year at Minarets HS.

Lesson Plan:

The Shooting Gallery: Train on the classic camera angles without doing lecture or flash cards. This is the SECOND day of class in my film classes, and we review after Christmas break. Invariably, this activity adds these shots to my students' vocabulary.

This projects makes my students' work look more "filimy" immediately. Their shots improve, because they have better vocabulary.

OVER 28,000 views....

Student example: Shooting Gallery Example
(shot in ONE period, cut in ONE period, nicely done, except for ONE shot; which one is wrong?)

Thanks to student Nathan Lynch for this "training video" based on The Avengers and LOTR

Round Two: