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Learn Keynote with Chuck Norris (Mac OS or iOS)

How do we escape mediocrity?

Two years ago, I realized that although our students were doing
very nicely on their use of Keynote (which at Minarets High School we use like easy Photoshop and easy Motion), we still were under using way too many of Keynote's awesome capabilities.

Enter the Master.
I had an epiphany. Why not put the instructions and artifacts needed to learn the advanced skills (instant alpha, multimove animation, table creating resolution adjustment and more) right in a Keynote? I just needed a character who the kids would connect with....Chuck Norris.

The paradigm has shifted.

Every fall, our whole school (including the teachers) does the Chuck Norris tutorial. Kids smile and say "I remember this". And in a little over one hour, all 500 of us can get our skills on a similar plane. Our seniors have now started the tradition of replacing Chuck with a character of their choosing.

I have shared this concept and Keynote at Apple Executive Briefings, CUE events, and the Rock Star Summer Tech Camp.

It's not a presentation, it's a workflow.

NEW! Check out the NEW iOS Version of the Chuck
work flow for your iPad

Chuck Norris Keynote 3.0> The Prequel
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Super Advanced trick!
Do your Keynote on a green background and import it into iMovie! You can have even better control of graphics, do lower thirds, or animate your logo.
(Remember, for green screen to work, you have to put the background first,
and then add the green element)

Chuck Norris Keynote 3.0 the Prequel.key
Jon Corippo,
Jul 9, 2012, 7:56 PM
Learn Keynote with Chuck Norris iOS Version.key
Jon Corippo,
Jul 9, 2012, 11:43 PM