Advanced iMovie Tricks

Make Cinematic Narratives instead of Digital Stories - Good skills for iMovie 9 or iMovie 11 (there are small variations between 9 and 11)
Digital Storytelling is nice as a phase, especially for true beginners, but ideally, we should be raising our students' skills to a far higher level.

"Under Fire" by Bill Frakes is a great example of what a Junior in High School should aspire to produce.
Under Fire  - By Bill Frakes

UPDATED FOR MACUL!! > THE FULL VERSION > The smaller ones are below.

The Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery as an Iron Chef, by Cheryl Morris

Examples of the FIRST project of the year - done in two periods (first use of Final Cut Pro X and DSLR type cameras.

Shooting Gallery Indy LOTR and AVENGERS from Nathan Lynch on Vimeo.

Shot test from Evans on Vimeo.

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