Unit 1, Transformations
1-1, Matrices: Video, Notes, Worksheet
1-3, Reflections: Video, Notes, Worksheet
1-4, Rotations: Video, Notes, Worksheet
1-5, Patty Paper Reflections

Unit 2, Introduction To Geometry
2-1a, Geometry Vocabulary: List of DefinitionsNotes, Worksheet,  
2-1b, Drawing and Measuring Angles: Measuring angles using a protractor,
                                                             Drawing angles using a protractor
                                                             GG-Vertical Angles
2-2, Midpoints, Bisectors, and Vertical Angles: Video, Notes, Worksheet
2-3, Segment Addition and Angle Addition Postulates: Video, Notes, Worksheet
2-4, Complementary and Supplementary Angles: Video, Notes, Worksheet
2-5, Intro to Logic: VideoNotes, Worksheet
2-6, Conjectures and Conditional Statements: VideoNotesWorksheet
2-7, Biconditionals and Faulty Reasoning:
Test Review

Unit 3, Parallel Lines
3-0, Algebra Proofs: Video, Notes, Worksheet , Properties of Equality
3-1, Lines and Transversals: Video, Notes, Worksheet 
3-2, Parallel Lines and Transversals: GG-Parallel Lines and TransversalsVideo, Notes, Worksheet
3-3, Solving Parallel Line Problems: Video, Notes, Worksheet
3-4a, Proof of Vertical Angles Theorem: Video, Notes, Worksheet , 
                                                                Properties of Congruence, Things to Use as Reasons in a Proof
3-4b, Proof of Same Side Interior Angles Theorem: Video, Notes, Worksheet
3-5, The Playfair Axiom
3-6, Review of Slope: Video, Notes, Worksheet
Test Review

Extra Material
3-4, Parallel Line Proofs (formal): VideoNotesWorksheet

Unit 4, Similar Figures
4-0, Dilations: GG-Dilations, Notes, Worksheet
                     Resizing Animation, 
4-1, Review of Ratios and Proportions: VideoNotesWorksheet
4-2, Similar Polygons: Video, NotesWorksheet
4-3, Similar Triangles: GG-AA Similarity Conjecture, Notes
4-4, Parallel Lines and Proportional Parts: VideoNotesWorksheet
4-5, Parts of Similar Triangles: VideoNotesWorksheet

Unit 5, Triangles
5-1, Triangles and Special Segments (Review): Video, Notes, Worksheet
5-2, Triangle Sum and Exterior Angle Conjectures: Video, Notes, Worksheet
                                        Video, Notes, Worksheet
5-4, Triangle Side-Angle Relationships: GG-Triangle Side Lengths, CS-Triangle Side Lengths,
                                                GG-Side/Angle relationships, CS-Side/Angle Relationships
                                                Video, Notes, Worksheet
5-5, Congruent Triangles: Video, Notes, Worksheet
5-6, Triangle Congruence Postulates: Video, Notes, Worksheet
5-7, Triangle Congruence Proofs: Video, Notes, Worksheet
Constructing Congruent Triangles

Unit 6, Right Triangles
6-1, Pythagorean Theorem (review): Video, Notes, Worksheet
6-2, Pythagorean Theorem Converse: Video, Notes, Worksheet
6-3, Trigonometric Ratios: Video, Notes, Worksheet
6-4, Inverse Trig Ratios: Video, Notes, Worksheet
6-5, Angles of Elevation and Depression: Video, Notes, Worksheet
6-6, Special Right Triangles: Video, Notes, Worksheet

Unit 7, Quadrilaterals
7-2, Parallelograms: GG-ParallelogramsNotes, Worksheet
7-3, Rectangles: VideoNotes, Worksheet
7-4, Squares and Rhombi: GG-RhombiVideoNotes, Worksheet
7-5, Trapezoids & Kites: VideoGG-KitesNotes, Worksheet
                                     GG-TrapezoidsGG-Isosceles Trapezoids,
7-6, Proofs

Unit 8, Circles
8-0, Properties of Circles: GG-Arc Measure, VideoNotes
8-1, Circle Vocabulary: List of Definitions, NotesWorksheet
8-2, Arcs and Chords: GG-CongChordsIGG-PerpRadius, GG-CongChordsII,
                                  Video, NotesWorksheet
                                    GG-Inscribed Quadrilateral,
                                    Video, NotesWorksheet
                       Video, NotesWorksheet
8-5, Inside & Outside Angles: GG-Inside Angles, GG-Outside Angles,
                                              Video, NotesWorksheet
8-6, Proofs

Unit 9, Area of Polygons
9-1, Areas of Squares, Rectangles, and Parallelograms: Video, Notes, Worksheet
9-2, Sum Area and Shaded Area: Video, Notes, Worksheet
9-3, Areas of Triangles, Trapezoids, and Rhombi: Video, Notes, Worksheet
9-4, Areas of Equilateral & Isosceles Triangles: Video, Notes, Worksheet
9-5, Area of Regular Polygons: Video, Notes, Worksheet
9-6, Geometric Probability: Video, Notes, Worksheet

Unit 10, Solids
10-1, Prisms: Video, Notes, Worksheet
10-2, Cylinders: Video, Notes, Worksheet
10-3, Pyramids: Video, Notes, Worksheet
10-4, Cones: Video, Notes, Worksheet
10-5, Spheres: Video, Notes, Worksheet
Test Review
                Surface Area of a Sphere 1
                Surface Area of a Sphere 2                
                Surface Area of a Sphere 3

Unit 11 - Probability
11-1, Intro to Probability - VideoNotesWorksheet
11-2, More Probability - VideoNotesWorksheet
11-3, FPC & Permutations - Video1Video2NotesWorksheet
11-4, Combinations - VideoNotesWorksheet
11-5, Factorial Notation -VideoNotesWorksheet
Test Review


Final Exam Review