Wait, you wrote a book?

Flip Your Classroom, Then Flip It Again
One of the hardest things about teaching is that there's never enough time. After leaving the teaching profession frustrated and exhausted many years ago, when I returned to try it a second time I began experimenting with the flipped classroom. And I soon discovered a simple tweak that allowed me to “flip my classroom again” and revealed the single most powerful thing about using video in the classroom: putting your lectures on video allows you to clone yourself, which enables you to magically create more time that you can use to rest, reflect, and become a better teacher. 

I have made hundreds of lecture videos for my classes, and in this book I will show you not only how easy it is to do, but also the tremendous benefits that you’ll begin to experience immediately. You’ll also get how-to videos with step-by-step instructions, suggestions on the effective use of group work in your classroom, lots of examples of my own lecture videos and other materials, plus Pro Tips from a veteran teacher who uses video in his classes every day.

Available from Amazon, or from my (other) website, for only $2.99. Let me know what you think.