Math 2

Video Assignments
1A, Intro Email, due August 31, 2016

Unit 0, Intro Activities
0-1, Verbatim-Expert Witness: VideoNotes
0-3, Facebook Debate: PowerpointNotes, Practice
0-4, Properties of Equality: Video, Notes, Practice

Unit 1, Geometric Transformations
1-1, Translations: Video, Notes, Practice
1-2, Reflections: VideoNotes, Practice1, Practice2
1-3, Rotations: VideoNotes, Practice1, Practice2
1-5, Composition of Motion: Practice1-5PictureDilationsBlockLetterReflections,                                                                                  PattyPaperReflections
Additional Transformation Stuff: Transformations Review, Composition Problems,
                                             Tesselation Project, (Extra info on Transformations)

Fred Functions Mini-Unit
Day 1, Notes, Practice
Day 2, Notes, Practice
Day 3, Notes, Practice

Unit 2, Quadratic Functions 
2-1a, Multiplying Binomials: Video, NotesPractice
2-1b, Factoring w/ GCF: Video, Notes, Practice
2-1c, Factoring w/ Difference of Squares: Video, Notes, Practice
2-1d, Factoring Trinomials (Easy Case): Video, Notes, Practice
2-1e, Factoring Trinomials (Hard Case): Video, Notes, Practice
2-2, Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring: VideoPractice

2-3, Finding the Minimum Point: Group Notes, PracticePt1, PracticePt2
2-4, Transformations Using Vertex Form - GroupNotesPractice
2-5, More Transformations: GroupNotes2-5, Prac2-5 
Solving Quadratic Equations using Square Roots: VideoNotes2-7a
Simplifying Square Root Expressions: VideoNotes2-7b
2-9, Word Problems
7-8, Quadratic Formula:VideoNotes,Practice 1,Practice 2Practice 3
Completing the Square

Quadratic Inequalities and Systems
Day 25-26: Review and Assessment: Unit 2 Test Review, Unit 2 Test Review Answers

Unit 3, Radical and Rational Functions
3-2a, Simplifying Radicals: Video3-2aNotes 3-2a, Practice3-2a
3-2b, Multiplying Radicals: Video3-2b, Notes 3-2b, Practice3-2b
3-2d, Negative Radicands:  Notes3-2d
3-2c, Adding & Subtracting Radicals: Video3-2c, Notes3-2c, Practice3-2c
3-3, Fractional Exponents: Video3-3, Notes 3-3, Practice3-3
3-4, Solving Equations by Graphing: Notes3-4

Mid-Term Exam Review Problems

Advanced Functions 
4-0, Transformations Pre-Assessment: Notes4-0
4-1, Graphing Absolute Value: Video4-1, Notes4-1, Practice4-1
4-2, Graphing Square and Cube Roots: Video1, Video2, Notes4-2, Practice 1, Practice 2
4-3, Graphing Inverse Variation: Video1, Video2Notes4-3, Practice1, Practice2
4-9, Solving Radical Equations: Investigation, Practice1, Practice2
4-10, More Radical Equations: Practice1, Practice2
7-9, Direct & Inverse Variation: VideoNotesPractice

            Test Review (Pt2), Test Review Answers (pg1-2, pg3-5)

Unit 4, Congruence and Similarity 
Review of Similarity
1-6, Basic Geometric Terms: Video, NotesPractice
1-7a, Similar Polygons: Warm-Up (Proportions)VideoNotesPractice
1-7b, Similar Triangles: VideoNotesPractice
1-8, Congruence: VideoNotesPractice1Practice2
1-9, Triangle Congruence Postulates: VideoNotesPractice
1-10: Congruence: Review, Quiz on Similarity & Congruence

Unit 5, Trigonometry
5-0, Classifying Triangles, Parts of Right Triangles: Notes5-0, Practice5-0
5-1, Trigonometric Ratios: Video, Notes, Practice1Practice2
5-2, Inverse Trig Ratios: IntroPractice1Video, NotesPractice2
5-2.5, Angles of Elevation and Depression: VideoNotesWorksheet

5-3, Graphing the Trig Ratios: Intro Exploration, VideoNotesPractice 
Periodic Functions - VideoNotesWorksheet
5-4, Amplitude and Midline (Equations to Graphs): Amplitude & Midline Exploration, Video, Notes, Practice
5-5, More Practice: Practice

Unit 6 - Probability
6-1, Intro to Probability: Pre-Assessment, Video, Notes, Practice
6-2, Compound Events & Venn Diagrams: VideoNotesPractice
6-3, Independent, Dependent, & Complementary Events: Video, NotesPractice
6-4. Sample Spaces & Mutually Exclusive Events: PowerpointNotes, Video1, Video2, Practice, Answers 


6-9a, Conditional Probability: PowerpointNotesPractice
6-9b, Conditional Probability and Independent Events: PowerpointVideoNotes
6-10, Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability: InvestigationPractice
6-11, Koala Foods: Koala Foods Investigation
7-1, Tree Diagrams: VideoNotesPractice (Detailed Notes)
7-2, Independence & Conditional Probability: VideoNotes/Practice

Final Exam Review Problems
Set 1: Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4Unit 5Unit 6
Set 2 (shout out to Middle Creek HS): Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5, Unit 6 
Set 3 (shout out to Wake Forest-Rolesville HS): Review Problems, Answer Key

7-0, Solving Equations using Graphing Calculator: Notes/Practice
7-1, Solving Equations Containing Radicals: Video, Notes, Practice