Rusty's House

Stringybark Farm
Rusty's House
Block One of "Stringybark Farm" BOM
Finished block size: 6"
By Missymack.
I am using scraps for this project and have purchased no new materials. You may or may not have some cream homspun or calico in your fabric stash, but you won't need much for this project. I reckon half a metre would be more than enough. I have coloured in the stitchery design using coloured pencils (Derwents,) because I LOVE this look at the moment. But the design would look just as fine and good being stitched without the colouring in. It's up to you!
Firstly, cut a 4.5 x 4.5" square of the cream homespun.
Gather some scraps of fabrics in the colour scheme of your choice. I have gone with a country colour pallete.
From the scraps, cut two pieces of fabric, both measuring 1 x 4.5". Using a 1/4" seam, sew one strip to the left side of the Homespun block, and one to the right. Press with an iron.
From another 2 pieces of fabric, cut 2 strips, each measuring 1 x 5.5". Sew one strip to the top, and one to the bottom. Press flat.


Repeat the process again, this time using two 1 x 5.5" strips for the sides.....
...and two 1 x 6.5" strips for the top and bottom. Press flat.

Click on the Attachment link below for the stitchery pattern and print it off. Using a lightbox or window, trace the pattern onto the homespun using a sharp 2B pencil, or a removable pen of your choice.

I used Derwent Studio pencils to colour in the picture. I used Terracotta for Rusty, Spectrum Blue for his collar and water bowl, Crimson Lake for Rustys Kennel, Copper Beech for the roof, Deep Cadmium for the sign, a combination of Crimson Lake and Copper Beech for the inside of the kennel, and May Green for the grass.


Using matching thread, stitch the design in backstitch with 2 strands of embroidery thread. Make 2 french knots for Rustys eyes using one strand of black thread, wound around the needle twice. Work his nose in satin stitch using black thread. Using a yellow thread, make a few stitches under his collar for the gold tag. Using one strand of thread, work "Rusty" on the sign of the kennel.


And you're done! One very cute Rusty, ready to play!
Apr 15, 2009, 6:16 PM