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Stringybark Farm
Block 4
By Missymack
"Henry the Horse"
Finished Block size: 6 x 8"
Materials needed: Cream Homespun, assorted scraps of fabric for borders, embroidery threads, colouring pencils, general sewing supplies
Firstly, cut a 4.5x6.5" sq of cream homespun. Then cut and sew a 1x6.5" strip to the left and right of the block. Press flat. Cut and sew a 1x5.5" strip to the top and bottom of the block. Press flat.
Repeat the process, sewing a 1x7.5" strip to the left and right, and then a 1x6.5" strip to the top and bottom.
Download the stitchery design from the attachment below. Using a window or lightbox, trace the design on to your block using a pen/pencil of your choice. Once fully traced, it's time to colour in! I used the Prismacolour Premier pencils for this block. I coloured the horses body in brown, his mane and tail in black, his hooves in grey and his face marking in pale cream. The tree trunk is a pale brown; the leaves are light green; apples are red; and flower tops are yellow.
Once fully coloured, backstitch the design using two strands of thread in matching colours. Work the stalks of the apples in brown, and lazy daisy the leaves on the stalks. Backstitch the flower stalks and grass in light green. Use one strand of brown thread for Henrys nostrils.
Press flat once complete.
Aug 19, 2009, 8:18 PM