Basic Facts

Learning the Facts

Interactive Flashcards - Visit this website to practice all our basic multiplication facts.  You can practice them and then quiz yourself.

60 Second Timed Test - Solve as many multiplication problems as you can.  Keep track of the number you got correct.

Multiplication Training Grounds - Training grounds for multiplication!  Practice your times tables by number.
Two Minute Warning - practice your facts up to 12.
Free Rice - fight world hunger and get smarter.  Nice! 



Multiplication PacMan - eat the ghost with the correct answer
Division PacMan - eat the ghost with the correct answer
Balloon Invaders - CHALLENGING! select multiplication or division, and pick the fact you want to practice.
Math Invaders - Fun game that lets you blow up alien spaceships and practice each times table.
Space Racer X - CHALLENGING!  Space Racer X needs to navigate through a meteor field.  Choose the right answer to dodge meteors. 

Arcademic Skill Builder Games 

These games let you play against your friends.  All you need to do is create a Private game with a password.  Then give the name and password to your friends (or teacher) and play against each other.  Fun!
Penguin Jump - Multiplication game for up to 4 players.
Multiplication Grand Prix - Multiplication racing game for up to 4 players.
Division Derby - division horse racing game for up to 12 players.
Drag Race - division game for up to 4 players.