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3rd Grade                                   
                       Reading, Writing, Spelling                 
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      Mrs. R. Mulvaney            rmulvaney@swregional.org    973-875-4589     
                     Wantage School          815 Route 23 Wantage, N.J. 07461
                    ANNOUNCEMENTS:           IMPORTANT DATES

  • SOCIAL STUDIES TEST Tuesday Oct. 2



    October 2nd - “Everyone Counts”

                                     Wear clothing w/ numbers on it

    October 3rd - “School is a Safe Place to Be”  

                                    Dare to be different - wear mismatched clothing

    October 4th -  “United We Stand for Respect”  

                                    Wear Red, White, and Blue

    October 5th- “Hero Day”

                                   Wear clothing that represents a here

      • Week of Respect October 1st through the 5th. 

  •   Wear Blue

  • October 1st - “Stomp Out Bullying!”   


What we are learning about?; 

Reading Workshop: Building A Reading Life

Writing Workshop: Personal Narrative

Spelling: Closed syllables 

Social Studies: communities

Subpages (1): Summer Program