Little By Little (2011-2012 Class Project)

Here we posted updates about our project: Little by Little - We CARE (Challenging All to Reduce and Erase)

Updates (written by our Tech Team)

May 4, 2012
  The  publicity  pals are typing letters to mr.Penca and parents. Poster people are working on posters. Cleaning crew is cleaning. The script superstars are almost ready to record!  

May 1, 2012
Today the technology team did our first blog post.  We asked everyone to write answers to these questions.  How has graffiti impacted you?  What are you excited about?
It was fun to read the posts.      
April 27,2012
Today we took videos of all of the Graffiti projects!
The cleaning crew is planing on cleaning all the bathrooms!
The poster people are making posters maybe with spray paint!
Script superstars are making a video about stopping Graffiti in our school!
Publicity pals are making letters to parents to  make sure its ok!
The technology team is making a website about information for all the Graffiti teams!!!!!!!! :)
Our goal: To reduce graffiti and vandalism in our school.
What are we doing?  We are cleaning the bathroom stalls, making posters to hang up, making a video, writing letters to our Principal and parents, and sharing all of our thoughts online.
Here are our teams:
Cleaning Crew: Maddie, Parker, Amelia, Dylan
Technology Team: Alex, Noah, Joel
Poster People: Amber, Tyler, Evie, Layla, Emma, Ethan
Script Superstars: Calob, Tristan, Sean, Quintin, Damarion
Publicity Pals: Kylie, Jazlyn, Olivia, Jorden B