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When I won the Miss Seafair Scholarship Program, I earned the following prizes:
1.  A very generous $7,600 Scholarship for my education
2. A one-year contract with Seafair as the 62nd Miss Seafair
3. Custom Seafair Ben Bridge gold pendant and necklace
4. Seafair Sash
5. Seafair Seahorse Tiara (Modeled after the Seafair Seahorse Crown)
6. Seafair Seahorse Pin
7. Star Crown with Glass Carrying Case
8. 47" LCD Television
9. XBOX Kinect w/1 year Kinect Pass (Which I gave to my siblings- I know, I am the BEST big sister ever! =)
10. LG Quantum Cell Phone
Best gift  of all.........THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME!
Thank you to all the sponsors 

MONDAY August 8, 2011- Sea Mar National Health Center Week 
Like I said, after Fleet Week, I was EXHAUSTED but I couldn’t pass up a special request to participate in Sea Mar’s kick off for their National Health Week. I found out that King County Executive, Dow Constantine would also be participating in the event, whom I had met during the CONA & Blue Angels Reception @ Pier 66, Bell Harbor just a couple days before Sea Mar’s event… goes to show just how small this world can be! I would like to thank my cousin, Elena Calderon for asking me to participate in this event! You're the best Elena! I never told her this but if she hadn't texted me when she did on the day of the event (45 minutes before it started), I would have never shown up because I didn't set an alarm the night before (I'm not kidding when I state that I was exhausted after fleet week). I got ready in 15 minutes and arrived at the event right on time... only because I drove way over the speed limit & applied my makeup anytime I got to a red light. (I am not condoning/encouraging  speeding or multitasking while driving.) THANK YOU ELENA =)

TUESDAY August 9, 2011- Univision KUNS Interview

Great day! I had an Interview on set, with Univision KUNS Seattle!

Click to see interview: Veronica Visita Univision

This has been the longest interview with Univision yet! Super exciting! I am so thankful to Teresa, Jaime and Javier for their support, time and immense love!


 WEDNESDAY August 17, 2011


The UW Daily wrote an article about me!
Click to see article: 

Thank you so very much to the UW Daily and Reporter Thuc Nhi Nguyen

THURSDAY August 18, 2011- Spring Estates

Attending the Luau party at Spring Estates Retirement/Assisted Living Center was a real eye-opening experience. I definitely have a new appreciation for the people that take care and become the family of those that cannot be cared for at home. I had the opportunity to crown the 1st ever Spring Estates Royalty, King Mel, 83 years old and Queen Aliti (You don't say a Woman's age). I loved every minute of the time I spent with the residents of the center. 

FRIDAY August 19, 2011- Radio

I was invited to go into EL REY 1360 AM to speak about winning Miss Seafair and to invite everyone to the First Annual AfroLatino Festival. This was my first time on the Radio and I had so much fun! I was a bit nervous at first but found that it wasn’t too hard to hold a conversation with Jaime Mendez and Karina Gasperin, the radio hosts. The best part was getting to answer people's calls! I got some great questions and many congratulations on behalf of the community for earning the title of Miss Seafair. This experience was rewarding and served to remind me that the titles I have earned are not simply about me, but about representing my communities to the best of my ability while serving as a role model to the youth. GRACIAS a EL REY 1360!

SUNDAY August 21, 2011- 6th Annual Culture Fest 

and First Annual Afro-Latino Festival

6th Annual Othello Park/Rainier Valley Culture Fest Community Festival:

I attended this event with my Seafair Chaperone, JoAnne and boy was it an adventure! First of all, we had directions to the park but didn't really know where it was. Once we saw tents, people, food and a stage, we thought, ‘this must be it!’ But we were at a swap meet or also known as a flea market.  We looked so funny! I was in a long gown, wearing my sash and crown. Once we found the actual location of the festival, I was asked to speak a little about myself. Little did I know I had 20 minutes to speak. I love public speaking and I always have something to say but 20 MINUTES?!? Wow, I don’t think I have ever spoken for more than 3 minutes at a festival… so I kept it short and sweet and thanked everyone for listening. I walked around, visiting the booths and taking pictures with people and the organizers of the festival. 


about yet another fun and incredible summer event! It was honor to participate in the first 

annual Afro-Latino festival shortly after being crowned Miss Seafair. The main objective of the Festival is to bring Unity to our Communities, Entertainment and Information to enjoy the Cultural variety and Musical diversity that characterizes Washington State. There was so much lively talent all around Magnuson Park. Local and International groups that participated included: Local Grammy Winner Carlos Cascante y su Tumbao, Sonora la Rebelion, Global Heat, Camaleon, Manigua, Jahshiki, Tumbuka, and The African ConeXion Project. Throughout the day, different rhythms filled the air; Salsa, Merengue, Jazz, Fusion, Reggae and more music and Folklore. I had the opportunity to take some salsa lessons during the event!! 

WEDNESDAY August 24, 2011- WAHMA

My first Washington Hispanic Media Association meeting! I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Valle of the Seattle Mariners and Rob McKenna who is running for governor, as well as Eduardo Kawham who talked about the Imagine Fashion Show coming up at the end of September. This meeting took place at Fisher Plaza and was hosted by Eddie Quintero, president of WAHMA and my honorary uncle! Having the opportunity to speak at WAHMA was a true honor because I was addressing different leaders and representatives from a variety of Hispanic Media, such as Univision KUNS Seattle, Tu Decides Bilingual Newspaper, Seattle Latino Magazine and not to mention Mr. McKenna, a leader that could be our state’s next Governor! Thank you to WAHMA and all those that participate in making the Latino voice heard throughout WA. I hope that one day, I can be a part of that group of communicators!

SATURDAY August 27, 2011- Mattawa Communities Day

In all reality, this event was never supposed to happen. August 27th was the day I was scheduled to fly out to India for my UW Exploration Seminar but due to Hurricane Irene, my flight to NJ was changed to go through Germany, and therefore I had to wait 3 additional days to fly out. The flight cancellation happened in the afternoon on August 26th so I decided that I might as well drive to Mattawa in the morning on the 27th and participate in the Mattawa Communities Day Parade. I left Seattle at 5am and got home on time to get ready and ride through the main road in Mattawa on a gorgeous Corvette! Being a part of this parade and festival was very important to me because Mattawa will always be home and holds a special place in my heart. During the summer when I participated in all the parades as a Seafair Princess, it always made me sad to realize that unlike the other participants I would never get to ride through a parade in my hometown/neighborhood. But Hurricane Irene made that experience possible for me. Like I said, it's always important to turn a negative situation into an opportunity for something great to come about. Seeing my family and friends throughout the parade route was overwhelmingly joyous.  I also had the chance to meet the current Miss Washington, Brittney Henry during the festival, as she promoted her platform in the Community Park.

August 30-September 23, 2011- Exploring INDIA

Once I had no more hurricanes to deal with, I left on a journey that changed my life! For about 3 weeks, I was in the country of INDIA! I studied women’s leadership in the context of business through a UW Foster School of Business Exploration Seminar titled “Half the Sky.” I traveled 7741 miles from Seattle to Mumbai, our first stop in India. Our group had the opportunity to meet  women leaders from different sectors of society in India. My favorite aspects of the trip include: trying different foods, learning how to wear a Sari (I purchased two), riding an elephant and a camel, visiting the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world and seeing ourselves on Indian TV for Kaun Banega Crorepati, India's adaptation of the game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, as audience members! 
I found it fitting to include this experience in my blog because the theme of my trip was "Women's Leadership." During my time in India, I found myself reflecting on my triumphs with HSO and Seafair. I also thought a lot about how I wanted to shape my experiences and my role as a leader in my communities by setting challenging goals for myself. I realized that power is nothing without passion and that the term leader is an ever-changing concept as are the leaders themselves. Change is necessary in order to make progress possible and I know that I can make progress for myself, my family and those around me possible as can the women in India, that are defying the odds!

FRIDAY September 23, 2011- UW Dawg Daze, Welcome Days Event

This day was crazy!!! I left Mumbai on September 22nd, arrived at New Jersey around 5am on the 23rd after a 15-hour flight. We had a 3-hour layover in NJ, followed by a 3-hour flight from NJ to Seattle. I landed in Seattle around noon and was picked up by the mom of a dear friend, who took me to her house so I could pick up my car, drove to Seattle and immediately got ready for the UW Dawg Daze Welcome event that I was a speaker for. I made it to the event on time, delivered a short speech to about 150 incoming UW Freshman and their parents about my journey at UW, my experiences inside and outside the classroom and my role in the community as Miss Seafair. Crazy as it may be, I drove home that night to Mattawa and after over 2 months, was reunited with my family! By the time I got home, all I wanted was to sleep... so I did! For the next 2 days.

SUNDAY October 2, 2011- Latino Expo @ Bellevue 

            This was the second Latino Expo I attended. The first Latino Expo I attended took place during the time I was a Candidata for Miss Hispanic Seafair in Kennewick, WA. It was the last event I participated in as a Candidata, right before I was crowned Miss Hispanic Seafair. The purpose of the Latino Expos is to bring together national, regional and local companies plus non-profit, government, cultural, media, and faith-based organizations, as well as many more while interacting with the fastest growing Latino market in the country. More than 100 Exhibitors displayed products and services. During the Expo, I had the opportunity to speak to the attendees and shared the stage with Angelina Kayyalaynen, Miss WA USA 2011 and one of my Hispanic Seafair judges. Tu Decides, the Largest Bilingual Newspaper in WA is one of the Platinum Sponsors for this event and one man that plays a particularly important role is Albert Torres, CEO of Tu Decides. He was also one of my Hispanic Seafair judges and serves the Latino community as an amazing mentor and leader. He recently had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to cover the 12th Annual Latin Grammys... talk about an incredible experience!!

SUNDAY October 9, 2011- Miss WA USA 2012 Coronation

Angelina Kayyalaynen, Miss WA USA 2011 was one of my Hispanic Seafair Judges so I was very excited to attend this event and see who would take the 2012 title. Christina Clarke was crowned Miss WA USA 2012 and Alex Carlson-Helo was crowned Miss WA Teen USA. Congrats to both lovely ladies! May your reigns bring you many amazing opportunities and memories. 


SATURDAY November 5, 2011- 12th Annual “Recordando a Panama” @ Tacoma Community Center


This was the second event organized by the Panamanian community that I had the opportunity to take part in. It was lively, colorful and traditional- a recipe for a wonderful time! I was presented to the audience and joined Miss Raices Panamenas 2011-2012 during a dance show on stage. The hospitality was wonderful as always and the food as you can surely guess- delicious.

TUESDAY November 8, 2011- Seattle Latino Magazine

Reporter Brenda B. Maeda (whom I met during my time as a special guest for the café-teando show) wrote an article about me titled “Veronica Quintero: Beauty Queen and Outstanding Student and Leader.” The article was published in the Fall 2011 edition of Seattle Latino Magazine. The magazine features Latino personalities and stories about issues that affect the Latino Community. Thank you to Mr. Antonio Salazar and my dear friend, Brenda M. Maeda for making this publication a reality!                    
Click on the link below to view an interactive copy of the magazine and to read the article!

MONDAY November 21, 2011- Radio PSA Gang Prevention

I have teamed up with Ralph Ibarra, one of the Seafair Board Members and several others, on a campaign to promote gang prevention so that is how this radio appearance came to be. I was invited by the station, El Rey 1360 AM to speak about being a role model to the community and how the youth can be involved in extracurricular activities as a way to prevent negative influences from obstructing their future plans.

THURSDAY December 1, 2011- Las Posadas @ UW

          This annual event is organized by the UW Latino Student Union and is open to the entire UW community. All funds raised from a piñata auction go to purchase gifts for children that otherwise would get no gifts this Christmas. 

The celebration is celebrated mainly in Mexico and Guatemala and traditionally, lasts 9 days. The word “Posada” means “Lodging” and represents Mary and Joseph’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of shelter to give birth to baby Jesus. There was free sweet bread and hot chocolate served at the event, (provided by the University of Washington American Ethnic Studies Department) as well as singing and celebrating! I led the singing, which goes to show that I am not afraid to embarrass myself (for a good cause) since I have zero vocal talents! I truly enjoyed the event and hope that the Latino Student Union continues to receive the support needed to put together such great events that affect the community positively. 

The Latino Student Union was the very first organization I got involved in my freshman year at UW so LSU will always hold a special place in my heart. 

SUNDAY December 4, 2011- Special People’s Cruise

Over 2,000 developmentally disabled guests and 300 power boats took part in the Seafair Special People's Holiday Cruise around Lake WA and Lake Union! This year marked the 39th year! Thank you to all the volunteers that make this event possible. Taking part in this event served to remind me what the Holidays are actually about- spreading joy and happiness =)

FRIDAY December 9, 2011-Toys for Tots with KIRO News and Marine Corps        

This was a chilly morning & an event that I’m sure brought smiles and joy to the faces of many young children throughout the Seattle area. It was amazing to witness the kindness of people during the Holiday season as they brought bags of new Children’s toys. Thank you to all those that donated & thank you to KIRO & the Marine Corps! Once again, I was reminded that the Holiday Season is much more  enjoyable when you forget about the long lines at the mall and instead take on a community-oriented cause.

FRIDAY December 16, 2011- “Warrior Journeys… Pathways to the Future” 

@ Wahluke High School

This was indeed one special project to participate in as a Wahluke High School Alum. Jan Phillips, the current WHS counselor played an important role in the organizing & coordinating of this event (as well as in my personal success in High School- Thank you Mrs. Phillips!!). She got ahold of WHS Alum and asked that we participate in this conference by putting together a 15-minute presentation about our personal, school and career ambitions. The goal was to motivate WHS students to seek out opportunities and explore their own interests as far as colleges and careers are concerned. Before the students rotated through their choices of presentations, the conference began with an address by UW’s Dr. Gabriel Gallardo. 

SUNDAY January 22, 2012- Divine Brilliance Photo Shoot by Mary Gomez Camba



My Hispanic Seafair Director/Mentor/Amiga, Michelle Font is a SUPER STAR and a role model! First of all, she has a big heart and a radiant personality to match it... the definition of Beauty and Brains! She works as an engineer at Boeing, proving that a beauty queen is more than just a beautiful exterior. She was elected the first Miss Hispanic Seafair in 2003, won the title of Reina Internacional del Pacifico 2004, Miss Washington Belleza Latina 2005 - 4th Runner Up Miss Belleza Latina International, Best Evening Gown & Best Fashion, Miss South King County USA 2006, Miss WA USA 2007 3rd RU- Miss photogenic, Miss WA USA 2008. She also has a jewelry collection; DIVINE BRILLIANCE, which includes custom made jewelry for pageants, special events and recently added, a bridal collection! This year marks a very transformative year for DB & along with this transformation came the opportunity to participate in a fun-filled & glamorous photo shoot for Michelle’s new website and DB’s new image! Photos of the shoot soon to come! THANK YOU MICHELLE! There are many things I've taken away from knowing Michelle, but by far, she constantly serves to remind me that determination is key in living a rich, fulfilling life.  

WEDNESDAY January 25, 2012- Sports Star of the Year

The 77
th Annual Sports Star of the Year, presented by ROOT SPORTS was an experience unlike any other! My role during the event was to hand off the trophies to the winners. I met amazing people in the world of sports and shared the stage with super stars throughout the night including: Jake Locker (QB for the Tennessee Titans and former UW Husky Football Player), Keith Price (Current UW QB), Kasey Keller (Sounders FC Goalkeeper, 20-yr. Career in MLS),  Detlef Schrempf (Former Husky and Sonics Star),  and Gary Wright (Sounders’ Senior VP of Business Operations) among many others!

The next day, the Seattle Post Intelligencer published a photo of me during the event -->

CAPTION: Miss Seafair Veronica Quintero waits with an award during the annual Sports Star of the Year Awards on Wednesday at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. The event honors local sports stars and was started by longtime Seattle PI editor, Royal Brougham. 

Photo: Joshua Trujillo

SUNDAY January 29, 2012- Hispanic Seafair Orientation

The Hispanic Seafair Organization held its 2012-2013 Miss Hispanic Seafair Scholarship Program for Women Orientation. It was wonderful meeting all of the interested Candidatas and their family members. Mary Gomez took everyone’s head shot. The orientation definitely brought back many memories of the time I was considering competing in the scholarship program and the emotions of anxiety and excitement.  The first time I was ever interviewed by Univision KUNS was during my HSO Orientation Jan 2011. Time sure does fly! 

 I hope that every single one of the interested Candidatas is ready for an incredible experience with Hispanic Seafair.

Link to my very first interview: 
(not the best quality but it captures my experience at orientation)

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Miss Seafair 2011-2012
Miss Hispanic Seafair 2011-2012