Playing Tips

How To Play the Game

The Pickleball Association of Ontario, Pickleball Canada and the USA Pickleball Association follow the International Federation of Pickleball Rules as listed below.
Rules of the Game
Detailed Official Rules check the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) rule page:

For a brief outline of the rules check any of the following sites:

Skills Development -  Learn the Proper Way to Improve your Shots:
Serve - Basic serve:
               Vary your serve: 1. high & deep 2. power serve 3. soft angled serve                     

Return of Serve -

Third Shot -    

Dinking -     

Overhead Smash - 

Lobs -  How to hit a lob: 

How to return a lob:

Volleys -

Half Volley Pickup -

Backhand - 

Forehand -

How To Keep Score: