Missouri Trainz Works 

Narrow Gauge Addons and Projects for Trainz Railroad Simulator 

Welcome to Missouri Trainz Works, featuring content for Trainz Railroad Simulator.  Here I will post updates on the current version of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, and will share downloads and screenshots from my recreation of the C&TS.  Enjoy! 

June 14, 2009:  Wow...haven't updated this page in about a year!  Good news...I have a new computer, and will be working on the C&TS once again within the week.  I am currently waiting on a new power supply, which should be here in roughly...14 hours.  Around 10 AM tomorrow.  I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Kuma 2.7GHz 95W processor, 4 GB of Kingston dual channel RAM, an ASUS board, for the time being an Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT 256 MB video card, and a Hitachi 1TB HDD...yes, I graduated into the big league with a whole terabyte of space.  Fun, fun, fun!  I'll be updating this page more often, since I'll have an internet connection on my new machine, so be looking for updates!

 July 25, 2008:   I've uploaded the C&TS rider gondolas 9613 and 9615 and they are available on the downloads page.

June 23, 2008:    I have added some new screenshots of the Chama  side coaches and the Garfield Monument, which is located by the west portal of Rock Tunnel on the C&TS. 

Jan 24, 2008:       I have released the bettendorft truck used on the coaches for the C&TS, and it is available on the downloads page.  The first of the coaches should be done in at least a week.

Jan 18, 2008:    I have removed the C&TS coach packs because they were undersized, and CMP was having difficulties packing multiple assets into a single CDP, so I am in the process of building completely new, accurate coaches.

Jan 17, 2008:    Part two of the C&TS coach pack is available on the downloads page.  Both files are available at the TPR Download Depot. 

Jan 11, 2008:    Part one of the C&TS Coach Pack available on the downloads page.  Coaches 500-506