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Missouri Motorcycle Tours is a family owned and operated tour company that organizes motorcycle rides that emphasize ride time on fun, uncrowded roads. Click on the links to the left to find out more about our tours.

Basic Information: 

Comfort/legal issues:

  1. Missouri is a helmet state. We require them for all riders and passengers.
  2. It can rain, even on us. We'll still ride safely.
  3. All participants will sign a liability release and provide license and proof of insurance.
  4. No alcohol will be consumed until supervised riding is over for the day.

Mementos: Group and individual photos will be taken and made available. We'll make you a celebrity on our website. Complimentary hats or t-shirts are provided.

Payments: personal checks, money orders, and cash are accepted.

Cancellations: full refund if cancellation is requested two weeks prior to event. All money is held until ride is complete. We do not spend your money until we earn it.

Motorcycles: Most people in our photos ride Harleys. I own a Road King and enjoy it, but I also ride my Yamahas with zeal. All brands are welcome on our rides, the more variety the better. For The Spike, I will be biased toward my 1100. I will tailor my bike to the group I am with.