Distinguished Service Award

Individuals whose primary responsibilities are directly related to the FCCLA program who have given outstanding contributions and continuing service to the state and/or national organizations may be awarded the Missouri FCCLA Distinguished Service Award. 
Examples of those eligible for the Distinguished Service Award are local and state FCCLA advisors, city and state supervisors of family and consumer sciences education, and family and consumer sciences teacher educators.
The contributions of the candidate to the FCCLA program should be outstanding or unique and in excess of regular duties in one or more of the following ways:
Helped to promote the goals of FCCLA statewide and/or nationally through -
  • Providing outstanding services which contribute to the achievement of FCCLA.
  • Promoting and supporting the state and/or national organization through state and/or national leadership positions.
  • Helping to develop new directions for the FCCLA program in relation to needs of individuals and families in the changing society.
  • Conducting an effective public relations program which has helped interpret FCCLA statewide and/or nationally.
  • Giving outstanding assistance which has helped develop or carry out FCCLA projects on a state and/or national level.
Rendered service to family and consumer sciences and FCCLA which has state and/or national implications such as -
  • Authored publications of value to youth in working toward the work of the family, family and consumer sciences occupations, and organization's goals.
  • Developed materials for interpreting the program of FCCLA.
  • Developed matierals and plans for helping teachers and prospective teachers to make FCCLA an integral part of family and consumer sciences education on a state/national level.
  • Conducted significant research related to FCCLA.

Missouri FCCLA Distinguished Service Award Application