So lets talk about this barn, it was built in 1890 by the Barnes family, he was a county commissioner, a justice of the peace, and a civil war veteran. They built the barn and lived in it while the house was being built. 
In 1954 the Kiddoo family bought the farm at auction on the courthouse steps in Memphis. Since that time the barn has been used for milking cows, raising hogs and dogs, and storage.  It is also possible the barn was used as a hideout by the people who robbed a Memphis bank in June 1965, as they were apprehended a short distance away.
We have recently fixed the roof, replaced the bridge into the second floor and hauled out 30 pickup loads of old hay, straw and debris. Since 2005 we have hosted family reunions, corporate picnics, hosted civic groups such as Rotary and P.E.O. We also went back to the farm's roots and held a district Republican meeting.

This past summer we added a two level deck overlooking the new half acre pond. We are currently working on the lower level and have done a lot of wiring upgrades. We now have enough electrical service to support a band sound system and stage lights.