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Class Information

Miss Olson

7th Grade Explorer English Language Arts

Class Rules, Guidelines, and Grading


Welcome to 7th grade ELA! I am excited about the school year we have just begun, and I look forward to learning about you all, and learning with you, too!


Class Schedule


  1. Take your seat and write down tonight’s homework
  2. Respond to today’s Daily
  3. Bring last night’s homework to the teacher’s desk
  4. Work through today’s agenda as a class
  5. Make sure your desk is as your found it before leaving the classroom


Things we’ll do this year


  • Read novels
  • Learn new vocabulary words
  • Study grammar
  • Learn about literary elements through short stories from our text book
  • Learn about different types of poetry
  • Practice our writing skills




You must always be prepared for class with the correct notebook, folder, text book, and writing materials! Do not come to class without the things you need to learn. Raise your hand if you would like to speak- we all want to hear what you have to say, but it won’t happen if we don’t listen to one another. Do not get out of your seat without asking permission, unless it is an emergency. Do not chew gum. I will always ask you to spit it out, so you might as well save if for after school. Do your own work. Show respect to me, the classroom, your classmates, and yourself. If you do not follow the classrooms rules, you will receive a session.




If you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to come to me to gather the work you missed. I will be using a class website throughout the school year; this is a good way to get some of the missed work, however you should always see me upon your return to school. You are responsible for quizzes and tests if you were present when they were announced. I will allow for a reasonable amount of time to complete missed work. All late work- whether it is late due to an absence or not- should be placed in the late folder by my desk.




Every day when you enter your ELA classroom, a Daily will be written in the back of the room. The first thing you should do when you come into the classroom is get your journal from the purple bin and respond to the Daily in THREE sentences. Daily journals will be checked on Fridays, which is also when 5 readers will share one of their responses with the class. At the end of the week, you can earn 4 points (1 per day) for that week’s Daily responses. If you are absent, write “absent” under the date of the Daily you missed.



Most nights, you will have a homework assignment for ELA. The next day, I will check your homework. While homework assignments will typically be worth 5 points, some may be worth more if they require more time and effort. Full credit will be given for completed assignments; points will be deducted for poorly done work and for late work.




You were asked to acquire a 5 subject notebook for ELA. Please reserve the first section for vocabulary, the second section for class notes, and the remaining sections for homework. Your three-ring binder will be used for MCAS Mondays.


MCAS Monday


Every Monday, we will practice MCAS strategies for our exam in May. Please come prepared with your writing binder and a pen or pencil. Also, be sure to have a highlighter! These are the only supplies that you will need on Mondays.


Extra Credit


Extra credit points will be awarded throughout the school year. You can earn extra credit points in different ways. Points will be added to your points total at the end of each quarter. THIS handout will be worth 5 extra credit points at the end of each quarter… if you’ve saved it J


Class Website


Our class website will be a great resource during the school year. On the site, you’ll find things like a class calendar, notes from class, and homework assignments. We will go through the site together so you can learn how to use it. Once you’ve learned how to use the site, I encourage you to show your parents so they can be connected to what is happening in our ELA class.






In ELA, I will use a point system to determine your quarterly averages. In general, homework assignments will be worth 5 points, quizzes will be worth 50, and tests and projects will be worth 100. Tests and quizzes may be worth more points if they have more information on them. At the end of each quarter, I will total your points (including any extra credit points you have earned) and find the average.



Here’s to a great school year together J