Welcome to kindergarten!

     Hi!  I am so glad to meet you!  You are very 
special.  We want to make sure that you and all of   
the other boys and girls in our school feel welcome 
and safe.  All of our students learn about the 
HALO rules.  They are very important to all of us, so  
I included them here on this page.  I also added a  
note about our classroom goals.  I know you will do
your part to help your classmates and make our
classroom a friendly place to be!  
                                         Thank you!

  Saint Clair Area SD's HALO Expectations

Have Respect                        
  Act Safely                           
    Let's be Responsible         
    Only Positive Actions     

    We will be very busy this year!  There will be so many friends to meet, chances to explore, discover, and share ideas, books to read, and games to play!  There will be activities that get us up moving around, dancing, and stretching.  There will also be times when we'll need to be sitting quietly to work together.  In the picture to the right, Curious George is showing us how to sit quietly and be a good listener.  

    He is following these rules ~ "Give me 5."

            1. Eyes on the speaker.
            2. Ears listening carefully.   
            3. Mouth quiet.
            4. Hands to myself.
            5. Feet still.  

    I also included a picture I found on Pinterest. It reminds us that when we want to share our thoughts, kindness matters.    

   *Parents, please review these rules with your child at home.  Your support is very important!  I have also included two attachments below.  These attachments provide you with the kindergarten standards.  Our goal is to help students achieve these goals by the end of the school year.  
                                              Thank you!

Jessica Oakley,
Aug 30, 2014, 7:25 PM