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Quick Tips for Common errors - GCSE Higher

posted 15 Apr 2021, 07:39 by Miss Myers   [ updated 15 Apr 2021, 10:55 ]
I have analysed the most common errors I come across in  150-word essays and grouped them into the vocabulary and grammar categories referred to in GCSE documents.

Here is a link to a downloadable word document - 5 sides - which you can skim through.  Sides 1-4 are English/French translations.  Side 5 has the textivate links below.

Here is a link to a downloadable PowerPoint which explains each category in a section called 'Rappel' - then lets you click through English / French to see how you do.  Each section also has a link to a Textivate translation exercise. If you open the PowerPoint, you do not need to keep this page open as the Ppt contains all the links you need, however, it is a very long PowerPoint, so you may prefer to access the exercises through this page and then go to the PowerPoint for explanations where needed.

Here are the Textivate exercises.  After each exercise, click the back arrow to return here.  [I could have embedded them here, but it would have created an extremely long post!!].  To get the most out of this exercise, do not 'show' the words which fill the gaps.  Try to fill them without help, then check to see if you were correct.

Bonne chance!









Gender, number, partitive


Possessive adjectives


Adjectives 1


Adjectives 2




French object pronouns


Subordinate clauses


Present tense


Perfect tense -1st person masculine


Perfect tense -1st person feminine


Perfect tense – on + nous


Imperfect tense


Impersonal phrases




Prepositions of place




Time Expressions