Descriptive Paragraph Sample (mystery object)

I am greeted by my mystery object with a joyful wagging tail and a slobbery lick on the face. I feel welcomed home after a long and stressful day by my special “thing” that has a shiny, silky, smooth coat and funny floppy ears. It has a beautiful black back and a tan belly and paws. It looks at me with big, brown, wanting eyes. A low, deep growl is let out when it is hungry and a high-pitched yelp when it wants to play. When it is sleeping on a cozy pillow and I call it, it jumps up to meet me. Wet mucky water is what it stinks of after a swim in the murky swamp, and that scent changes to clean fresh shampoo after a bath. It is mischievous when it steals food off the table and when it knocks over the garbage cans. I have never tasted it but I hope it does not taste like those stinky banana peels that it eats from the rotting garbage! When I lie with it on the couch it snuggles next to me. It feels warm and soft as it lays its cold wet nose on my lap. At this time, I feel comforted and relaxed. Can you guess what my special “thing” is?