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Miss Robbins 

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Be sure to ask your children about our 3 Ring Work. They are excited to be growing in Complex Reasoning, Content Knowledge and their Habits of Mind all while exploring wonderful topics they chose from Google Culture and Art.

One of the most difficult concepts for students to understand is that to make a mistake is to be given an opportunity to learn. If students spent all day working on material they already understood, at the end of the day they would have a perfect score, but there would be no new understanding or knowledge.

Our Habits of Mind Chart


Never forget how much fun we all had reading under the sun during those last few warm weeks of summer. You can do this at home too! Grab a book, find a tree or a swing and dive into your adventure!!  Click on an image below to view a list of books on that particular topic.

This website has a selection of multicultural and social justice books for children, young adults and educators. 

Book Lists and recommendations for students ages 11-13


List of Newbery Award winning books since 1922

Planning to write and publish your work online this summer? Click below to head to a blog that will list some of the sites available to you this summer.

A safe alternative to Youtube Schooltube

Searching for the Invasive Species
Green Crab

Previous Classes - Previous Years

2016-2017: It was a wonderful year! Thank you to each of my students for all their persistence and to their parents for all the support!

Don't Laugh At Me
A video the students put together to help teach people not to laugh at others for being different. 

Our Classroom Kitchen Project
In the fall our class began to have fun and learn through cooking. We built community within our classroom honed our writing skills with recipe reviews and even worked on fractions. We were using an electric frying pan and a crockpot and they were helpful but there was so much more we wanted to cook! The class held a luncheon meeting where they composed a letter requesting permission to fundraise and install an oven. Little did we realize the depth of generosity and encouragement our supporters would show! Watch below for pictures of the grand transformation.

Look What's Cooking
Our stove is in place. The counters are in. Let the cooking begin! We made a yummy lasagna, salad and garlic bread luncheon for our parents.

Some Math Fun

What should I read? 
 Begin by thinking about yourself:  What books have you enjoyed in the past? Are there new books with similar themes?  Maybe you would like to try a genre you have never read before?  Still stuck? What do you enjoy doing in your free time? If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?  What would you like to be after you finish school?  There are books about just about every topic you can think of.  Can't find the right book for you? Just ask me.  I would be thrilled to find it for you.  I might even get a copy for myself and we could discuss it as we read it together.
When you think you have found that "just right" book.  Look at the cover, read the back, then open to a page somewhere in the middle and read a paragraph.  How does it feel?  Does it feel as comfortable as that blanket your mother keeps on the sofa?  If so, find a "just right" place to sit, open the cover and begin your journey.
  • Books for Boys: The mission of Boys Read is to transform boys into lifelong readers. They are an organization of parents, educators, librarians, mentors, authors, and booksellers. 
  • Maine Student Book Award: This award is given annually to the book selected by Maine students in grades four through eight as their favorite book of the year.
  • Lupine Book Award: This Award is presented annually by the Youth Services Section Interest Group of the Maine Library Association, to recognize an outstanding contribution to children's literature of Maine.
  • Newbery Awards: This award is given once a year (since 1922) to the best fiction or non-fiction book of the year.
  • Coretta Scott King Award: This award is given once a year to the most outstanding book written by or illustrated by African Americans.
  • Michael L. Printz Award: This award is given once a year for a book that exemplify literary excellence in young adult literature.