Important News!!

Honors United States History

AP/ECE United States History
The day after the exam (5/9) you will pick numbers to decide when you will be presenting your final project.

The first projects will be presented starting on 5/18.  This means all projects are due on this date!!!!

If you are assigned a date that you cannot meet, you must reschedule with another classmate and let me know of the changes.

If you are absent and for some reason cannot reschedule, you will be required to present on the slated exam day for your class.

ACP Political Systems
Project Citizen Timeline:

3/7:  Project Introduced

3/11:  Article/Summary Due
    (1 per group member)
    Upload in Folder (Task #1)

3/18:  Introduce Task #2

3/24:  Task #1 Due
          Work on Task #2

3/31: Introduce Task #3

4/29:   Interviews Due
   (1 per group member)
   Upload in Folder (Task #2)

         Task #3
        (Letter and Video)

4/29:  Task # 3
        (Letter and Video)
Basically everything on Google Drive is due.

5/6:  Project Citizen Due