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Due Dates and Makeup Policy

Each course that is listed in the navigation of this site will have a Topics of Discussion that is specific to that class.  Most of the deadlines in this class are suggested to help you pace yourself in the course.  Readings will be assigned and pop quizzes will be given to ensure that the readings have been completed.  Students are responsible for keeping up with deadlines and any changes that are made to the Topics of Discussion.  On this website, there will be a course schedule for each of the classes that will be taught this semester. This schedule is tentative and will be updated as needs arise (due to illness, university obligations, etc.)  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they understand the readings, assignments and due dates for all work and projects. The instructor will update the plans online and the information contained within the URL (web address) will be updated automatically. Course Schedule and Lesson Plans are maintained via  Students will need to use the link on each specific course schedule page to access the specific plans for their class.  No sign in is required.

Any scheduling difficulties should be addressed the first week of class.  If an emergency arises, students should notify the instructor as soon as possible before the absence on an assignment, presentation, paper, or exam due date.  Notifications after the absence are not acceptable, barring extreme circumstances.  If you fail to turn in an assignment, paper, examination, or participate in a discussion by the deadline without prior approval from the instructor, the grade will be recorded as a zero.

Make-up assignments and exams will not be given unless a documented emergency arises.  If you have a scheduling conflict with a due date, you should plan to complete the assignment prior to the due date.   If an absence is determined as excused by the instructor (must have verifiable documentation), then the instructor will either give the student permission to extend the deadline, or drop the exam / assignment grade and calculate the average from the remaining exams/assignments.  These options are solely at the discretion of the instructor and are not alternatives for the student to use in the event of an absence.

There will be times when it will be necessary for the instructor to modify the Topics of Discussion.  These reasons can include (but are not limited to) inclement weather, illness of instructor, instructor training/conference attendance, etc.  If and when these occur, the modification of the discussion topics will help to ensure that we meet as many of the class objectives and to ensure that students get as much information as possible to help study for the certification exams.  Modification of the Topics of Discussion is at the sole discretion of the instructor and can be changed at any time.

Please note that the class topics/dates are subject to change and that I reserve the right to make additional assignments, change assignments, change assignment deadlines or to modify the syllabus.  You will be held responsible for knowing about schedule changes whether you are in class or not.