Miscellaneous Information

Google Class Site:
Class information will be posted in the respective section of the course(s) that you are enrolled in.  Students are expected to check this site frequently in order to receive important course announcements, including class cancellations and updates to the course schedule / Topics of Discussion.  This Google Class Support site will be used in lieu of Blackboard.  **Methodist University Computer Use Policy, Honor Code, Course Policy, as well as any other appropriate MU policies apply.

Delays and cancellations:
Students are expected to wait twenty minutes in the event the professor is delayed.  Whenever possible, the professor will post announcements about delays and class cancellations via text message and/or Methodist University email.  In the rare event that class is cancelled, the material scheduled for the cancelled date is automatically rescheduled for the next class meeting.  

Email correspondence:  
Any class announcements sent via email by the instructor will be sent to the student’s Methodist University email account.  Therefore, it is expected that you will check your email account daily.  Email is the preferred method of getting in touch with the professor outside of class.  You should sign any email correspondence with your full name and include your course number and section because it is difficult to determine a student’s name from an email address.  Also, it is Methodist University policy that I only respond to emails sent through your student account, so responses will not be sent to email correspondence initiated through your private email account unless your MU account is inoperable.  

When sending email correspondence to the instructor, ensure that you send email to skoncaba@methodist.edu.

**Methodist University Computer Use Policy, Honor Code, Course Policy, as well as any other appropriate MU policies apply.

Office / Lab Hours:
Office and Lab hours are posted under the Instructor Information page.  Although I have set office hours, there may be times when I am not available due to university obligations.  If it becomes necessary that you need to speak to me, please make an appointment.  This way I can ensure that I will be available to discuss any concerns or issues that you may have.  If I am unable to make the appointment time, I will make every effort to inform you of my schedule in advance so that we can reschedule.  

If you would like to discuss your course performance, an appointment with the professor may be made at a mutually agreeable time.  In order to protect student confidentiality, the professor will not discuss grades by telephone or through email.  Any discussions about the student’s course performance must be conducted with the instructor in person.  In order to provide information about your grade to a third party, a written waiver form must be signed before any information is released.  

Methodist University Inclement Weather Line
In the event of possible severe weather that may interfere with campus operations, students should call (910) 630-7351 for an automated listing of campus delays/cancellations.

Student / Instructor Appointments:
Office hours and cyber lab hours are for the students' benefit.  If necessary, students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment to discuss missed material, grade performance, projects, etc.  However, students who make appointments and fail to show up at the scheduled time will be required to walk-in for subsequent appointments.

Methodist University Writing Center (WC): 
 The Writing Center is located in the Davis Memorial Library, Room #111.  Appointments can be made after registering with the Writing Center.  Please keep in mind that WC appointments fill up so you should plan ahead!  Failing to schedule an appointment at least two weeks in advance of the deadline will not be an excuse to have this requirement waived.  They can review drafts, so it is not necessary to wait until your paper is finished.  The WC will provide a summary of your visit directly to the professor.

Cyberlab / Instructional Technology
This course will integrate the use of instructional technology.  Examples of instructional technology include Smartboards, response systems (clickers), audio and video systems, computers, instructional software, Blackboard, digital cameras, lecture capture software, etc.  Specifically, in this course, we will be using:
  • Cyber-Forensics Laboratory Computers
  • Audio and Video systems
  • Blackboard
  • Excel software
  • Internet
All technology utilized by students and faculty within the Justice Studies Cyber Lab is subject to the Justice Studies Cyberlab Acceptable Use Policy.