Hello, my name is Sabrina Koncaba and I am one of the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Instructors for Methodist University.  I am very excited to be here and I look forward to working with each and every student who is enrolled in these classes.  This site was designed as a student support repository and as a supplement to the instructor led courses that are taught within the university.  The courses that are offered are as follows:

JUS 243 - Introduction To Cybercrime (Fall, Spring)
JUS 245 - Cybercrime Law and Ethics (Fall, Spring)
JUS 247 - Operating Systems and Programming Concepts (Fall)
JUS 250 - Digital Crime Investigation (Fall, Spring)
JUS 251 - Networking Concepts (Fall, Spring)
JUS 255 - Hardening The Enterprise Network (Spring)
JUS 265 - Cyber Threats and Counterintelligence (Fall)
JUS 340 - Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning (Spring)
JUS 360 - Basic Data Recovery (Spring)
JUS 405 - Incident Response and Network Forensics (Fall)
JUS 445 - Social Media and Cloud Security (Spring)
JUS 465 - Mobile Device Forensics (Fall)

The courses offered and program name have been aligned with industry needs and requirements.  In addition, courses will be tailored to ensure that students will be prepared for industry standard certification exams such as CompTIA Network+ and Security+ exams. 

NOTE:  Students who enroll in ANY Methodist University Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity course are expected to adhere to high ethical guidelines while participating in the Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Program.   Any material a student learns while participating in these courses MUST NOT be used to compromise the Methodist University network or ANY network outside of the University's purview.  If a student chooses to electronically trespass or gain access to any system (without explicit written permission from the University or business owner(s)), students will be referred to the Honor Board and face possible dismissal from the University.  In addition, students can also be subjected to civil and criminal prosecution.  

If you have any questions about program changes please use the contact methods via the Instructor Information page..