Mississippi High School Football Scores

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  • A school that typically comprises grades 9 through 12, attended after primary school or middle school
  • senior high school: a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12; "he goes to the neighborhood highschool"
  • High school is used in some parts of the world, particularly in Scotland, North America and Oceania to describe an institution that provides all or part of secondary education. The term "high school" originated in Scotland with the world's oldest being the Royal High School (Edinburgh) in 1505.
  • High School is a 2010 comedy film starring Academy Award-winner Adrien Brody. It is the feature length directorial debut of John Stalberg, Jr. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2010 and will be distributed in theatres internationally by Parallel Media.
  • A major river in North America that rises in Minnesota near the Canadian border and flows south to a delta on the Gulf of Mexico. With its chief tributary, the Missouri River, it is 3,710 miles (5,970 km) long. In the second half of the 17th century it provided a route south through the center of the continent for French explorers from Canada. From the 1830s, it was noted for the sternwheeler steamboats that plied between New Orleans and St. Louis and other northern cities
  • a major North American river and the chief river of the United States; rises in northern Minnesota and flows southward into the Gulf of Mexico
  • a state in the Deep South on the gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate States during the American Civil War
  • A state in the southern US, on the Gulf of Mexico, bounded on the west by the lower Mississippi River; pop. 2,854,658; capital, Jackson; statehood, Dec. 10, 1817 (20). A French colony in the first half of the 18th century, it was ceded to Britain in 1763 and to the US in 1783
  • Mississippi is a U.S. state located in the Southern United States. Jackson is the state capital and largest city. The name of the state derives from the Mississippi River, which flows along its western boundary, which namesake is from the Ojibwe word misi-ziibi ("Great River").
mississippi high school football scores
mississippi high school football scores - Mississippi Cotton
Mississippi Cotton (A Southern Novel)
Mississippi Cotton (A Southern Novel)
It is 1951. Jake Conner gets on a bus to visit his cousins in the Mississippi Delta. But when the body of an unknown man is found in the Mississippi River, Jake's summer vacation gets a little more adventurous as he and his cousins snoop around in a mystery that is better left to the grown ups.
"In Mississippi Cotton a 20th Century Huck Finn has a real adventure. No matter that his raft is a Trailways Bus along the river, the trip is no less toward maturity. If you like a good story, this is your book, a book told by someone who knows the terrain--its history, people, landscape and culture. Only a proper native could have his narrator say that his daddy taught him never to hold onto anything with Lincoln's face longer than you had to." --Dr. James Everett Kibler, author Walking Toward Home, Memories Keep, and Our Father's Fields
"Set in 1951, in the fictional Delta town of Cotton City, the story is more broadly a Southern story...an agrarian story. It is also a murder mystery. The body of an unknown man is found in the river at the Greenville Bridge. Jakes bus ride visit to his Delta cousins begins a parallel journey that ends in the discovery of the dead mans identity." --Noel Workman, Delta Magazine

jerrell Jernigan
jerrell Jernigan
Jerrel Jernigan 2006 Graduate Eufaula High School: Prep: Attended Eufaula High School lettering in varsity football under Coach Dan Klagaes playing quarterback...Team won two Region 5A Championships, 2005 and 2006...In 2005 and 2006 Jernigan led team to back-to-back undefeated seasons...During senior season was first team All-State, first team All-Distirct, and first team All-Area...Played in Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game and scored two TD's..Was the 5A state's 100 meter dash champion and a member of the state's best 4x100 relay team...As a junior, was named first team All-District and first team All-Area...During career had 270 rushing carries, 2,390 rushing yards and 37 rushing touchdowns...Also had completed 86 of 190 pass attempts for 1,536 yards and 13 touchdowns with just seven interceptions... Lettered in basketball, track, baseball and football.
Oak Hill Football 2011
Oak Hill Football 2011
The Winston Academy Patriots Football team won Friday's Conference game against the Oak Hill Academy Raiders by a score of 41-6
mississippi high school football scores