Mississippi Foreign Language Association

Please note that our 2020 conference will be virtual and no longer will be held in Meridian, MS.

Current MFLA Board Members

(from left to right: Felice Coles, David Higginbotham, Joshua Roger, Erica Scott, Bradley Freeny, Laura Hall, Lucy Solano, Limeul Eubanks, Keltoum Rowland, Kelly Moser, Michael Raines, Edgar Serrano)

The 2018-2020 Mississippi Foreign Language Association Officers and Board

We are here to serve you to make the MFLA better!

President President AATF

Laura Hall Keltoum Rowland

VP of Programs President AATG

Michael Raines TBD

VP of Membership President AATSP

Lori Levar Pierce Erica Scott

Past President Elem./Sec. President

Edgar Serrano Lucy Solano

Executive Director College/Unv. President

Edgar Serrano David Higginbotham

Classics Rep. ESL Rep.

Joshua Rogers Michael C. Raines

LCTL Rep. MDE Liason

TBD Limeul Eubanks

MFLA Crusader Ed. Historian

Felice Coles Elaine Coney

Social Media/Webmaster

Bradley Freeny