- M I S S I S S I P P I - C O M M U N I T Y - S U P P O R T E D - R E C O R D S -

Hello CSR members,

   We apologize for delays on the next batch of Mississippi titles.  We've been retooling our manufacturing process to be more local and specialized and this has taken us longer than expected.  Good news is new records will be on the way soon.  Below is a sketch (subject to change) of whats coming in the oncoming months.  
   Again we apologize for all delays and deeply appreciate your faith and patience.  

Optional reissues of out of print Mississippi titles -
- Irma Thomas Sings (with improved remastered sound and better quality cover than the 1st  press)
- Michael Hurley - Armchair Boogie (with a better quality cover and a comic book!)
- Dead Moon - In the Graveyard
- Dead Moon - Unknown passage


New LPs!
- Isaiah Owens - You Without Sin Cast The First Stone (Great gospel solo performer.)
- Lum Guffin - S/T (Great blues performer)
- V/A - I'm In A Strange Town (Comp of gospel and blues recordings - classics and little known)
- Dead Moon - Nervous Sooner Changes
- Idrissa Soumaora - S/T (Great hypnotic record from Mali)
- Arvo Part - Alina 10" box set (Amazing Estonian classical music....an optional item)
- V/A - Troubled Waters (comp of great blues field recordings made by George Mitchell)
- Sun Foot - Round Dice fried combo (Art punk)
- Sad Horse (Local punk)
- Issawat wallet Mohamed - S/T (Hypnotic Tuareg vocal music. Limited edition of 500 copies with hand made covers)


- The Rats - In A Desperate Red (Double LP with unreleased tracks and a 32 page booklet)
- Talhoune Gessesse - S/T (Compilation of Ethiopian hits)
- Jesse Mae Hemphill - S/T (Great hill country blues)
- Miriam Tsege Gebru - S/T (Second LP of Ethiopian classical piano)
- Alan Lomax American Patchwork Box set (5 LPs in their own sleeves with over 60 pages of liner notes.  All in a cloth bound box.  Unreleased material from the late 70's and early 1980's!  Amazing stuff)
- More Lomax surprises in very limited editions to celebrate his 100th birthday.
- Anxious Color pt. 2
- Six Feet Under pt. 2 (titled "Ghost Memories")


- Abner Jay - True Story Of Abner Jay
- SE Rogie - 60's sounds of
- V/A - I woke up one morning in May
- V/A - The rain don't fall on me
- Miriam Tsege Gebru - Spielt Eigene Kompositionen
- V/A - Hasabe
- V/A - Six Feet Under
- Mammane Sani - La Musique Electronique Du Niger

  ...beyond these releases there will be plenty more.  Also, as always, CSR members can expect a few free surprise records and ephermia.  

    Thanks again for your patience!

    All the love and rocks and gravel,
       Eric at Mississippi Records

Lum Guffin - S/T (great seldom heard blues artist)
Isaiah Owens - You Without Sin, Cast The First Stone (Gospel guitar player and singer like no other)
Idrissa Soumaoro
V/A - I'm In A Strange Town (Compilation of blues recordings from the 1920's through to the 1960's)
Darby and Tarlton - Lonesome In The Pines (White country blues harmonizers. One time edition of 500 copies with a beautiful silk screened cover)
Alice Gibbs - S/T (Amazing recording from the Alan Lomax Archive, never heard until now)

The Rats - In A Desperate Red (Their 3rd album - Double LP version with a full LP of unreleased Rats songs and a 34 page booklet with amazing photos, flyers and interviews)
The Lecuona Cuban Boys (Beautiful Cuban music from the 1920''s - 30's)
V/A - Six Feet Under Pt. 2 (More great country and early rock tunes of the haunting variety)
V/A - Anxious Colors pt. 2 (More bedroom recorded Psych from the magic years 1966 - 1968)
V/A - The American Patchwork Box Set (5 LPs of unreleased American material from the Alan Lomax Archive. Great blues, country, ballads, drum and fife, and on and on...all recorded between 1978 and 1986. 5 records in fancy sleeves, each with extensive liner notes and photos, all housed in a beautiful cloth bound box.  Lomax's 100'th birthday is in 2015 and Mississippi plans on celebrating in ernest)
Dead Moon - Nervous Sooner Changes
Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night (Hardcover book with tons of photos, essays, interviews, full discography, etc.  Also has an LP full of Dead Moon rarities.  The whole story writ large)

….and, if you need them, reissues of the following Mississippi titles will be out next year-

Irma Thomas - Sings!

V/A - The Rain Don't Fall On Me

V/A - I Woke Up One Morning In May
Dead Moon - In The Graveyard
Dead Moon - Strange Pray Tell
All 5 Lomax Southern Journey LP's

...We'll also have new LP's by Michael Hurley and Miriam Tsege Gebru. Beyond all this, there will also be some more Ethiopian classics, a Klezmer compilation, records by two of our favorite local punk bands, the best girl group comp you'll ever hear, some real nice free records for CSR members, and much more.

   Thanks for continuing to support the Mississippi CSR.  Thanks to you, we are able to keep on pressing forward on all these projects.  

Way out Record For Children CoVMRP-005 Ural Thomas covMRP-003 georgia sea covMRP-006 Blind Willie Johnson CovMRP-002 Last Time Around Covabner jay coverbishop berry tillistakamba cov (promo)
rats 2 cover
Oh Graveyard - cover
Mortika -tiponcovr
guitar box
76985_CityHall_FOL9714_SarahWebsterFabio_LPwrap_NoDie.qxp:Layout 1
MRP-ten minutes till midnight cov
MRP-018 Vol.1 Naughty girl FINAL PROOF
MRP-019 Vol.2 Never Came Cover
MRP-020 Notes from home Cov
AleĚmayeĚhu EsheĚteě
Sacred Harp thumb
muritania2 thumb
mrp-036 short life of trouble cover
dm strange prey tell rough cover

M I S S I S S I P P I    C S R

Thanks for considering joining the Mississippi CSR (Community Supported Record program).

We started this website in order to answer a question I’m often asked whenever I stray from my neighborhood in Portland: "Is there a way I can sign up to some sort of subscription series and get the Mississippi releases as they come out?" After years of resistance for no good reason, we’ve decided to team up with our friend Raf, who runs the excellent website Eggy mailorder, and make this a request we can fill.

If you choose to join, you will receive every Mississippi/Change release as it comes out. You will be guaranteed copies of every release, no matter how limited the pressing. Your records will be shipped immediately upon their release, at the same time that we ship copies to stores all over the world.
The purpose of the CSR is to give people who don't live in Portland, or do not live at their local record store, a chance to get the more limited Mississippi/Change releases. The CSR also gives you an opportunity to support our label in its mission to keep prices low, to make important cultural information available to those who care, and to support artists and their ancestors who have all too often been screwed by the mainstream record industry. We consider the CSR a partnership between ourselves and our customers. We will do everything in our power to honor the trust members put in us. We plan on showing appreciation to members by randomly including special free records and other shwag in packages, on occasion.

Here's how it works: You send us any amount of money, between $68 & $300 (sorry not paypal – you actually mail us a check or cash). In exchange, we will send every Mississippi/Change Record that comes out until that amount of money is tapped out. By printing & filling out the questionnaire below, you can customize what types of records you get (basically punk, international and Americana). An average Mississippi/Change title will set you back between $10 and $12. If you sign up for this service, some specialty limited press items (usually 300 copies printed with fancy sleeves!) will be sent that could cost as much as $13. 7" records will cost $5. Shipping per unit will vary between $3.50 and $5, depending on how many records ship at once.  If money is left over in your account that does not add up to the cost of a single LP, we will simply send a check for your remaining balance along with the last record you receive.  International subscribers: Paypal is accepted but only from international customers.  Send an email to mississippisubscription@gmail.com to get the pertinent info.  If you know of a better way of transferring money, please let us know!  We are also willing to accept subscriptions of up to $500 but only from international customers in order to minimize expensive transactions.

Please note that there will be no regular release schedule. You will receive them as they arrive from the pressing plant. We try to put out at least three records per month, but cannot make any guarantees. Sometimes we will go up to two months without any releases and then suddenly put out ten records at once! If this type of chaos scares you more than it frees you, please please please do not sign up to be part of the CSR. I can guarantee you that we are a trustworthy label that isn't going anywhere and that we will do our best to keep a stream of interesting records coming your way. Our track record is good and long, with over 110 releases in the last six years. If at any point you are dissatisfied with your membership in the Mississippi CSR, we will gladly send you a refund of your remaining money in it—no questions asked & no hard feelings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No Mississippi/Little Axe Records will be included in this series of releases, as that is technically a separate label owned & operated by other folks.

To join, simply fill out the following questionnaire & send a check -- made out to Mississippi Records -- for between $68 & $300 to the following address:

Mississippi CSR
5202 N Albina
Portland OR 97217

We only take checks or cash for payment (No paypal or credit cards) Once payment is received, we will send out the next Mississippi/Change record to be released. Please make all checks out to Mississippi Records.  As stated above, we have no regular release schedule or limit on the amount of records that come out at once - you may receive as little as one record or as many as twelve! All records are guaranteed against defects of any kind. If you just don't like a record, you may send it back at your expense and we will credit your account for the cost of the record.  If you don't have a printer, you can write us a letter with all of the pertinent information.

Please note the CSR is limited to 300 members.  Should we reach capacity, you will placed on a waiting-list.  If you are reading this sentence, that means we have plenty of room left and you can safely subscribe as soon as you please!


Name -
Physical Address -

Email Address -
Amount of money enclosed -

Please answer the following questions to help us avoid sending you
records you may be disinterested in -

1. Do you want us to send you our punk/rock n'roll releases?


2. Do you want us to send you our international music releases?


3. Do you want us to send you our American blues/roots/folk/gospel releases?


4. Is there any particular artist or style of music you do not want
sent your way?

8. How many copies of each release would you like sent your way?
(Teaming up with a friend saves you both on shipping!)

 Fill in amount ______________


Thanks again for considering the CSR. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email: mississippisubscription@gmail.com.  Below are some answers to what I imagine will be frequently asked questions:

    Q - Can I return a record if I don't like it?
    A - You can indeed. The return shipping will be on your dime, but
    we'll credit your account for cost of the LP or 7".

    Q - How do I get past Mississippi releases if I want them?
    A - We are willing to dig around for past releases if you request them from us, but make no promises that we'll be able to fill your request.  It's always worth asking. If we can't get it for you, the following online stores often have some of our stock available (though I personally recommend checking your local physical record store first as the price will be nicer for lack of shipping expense and we should all support our local shops as much as possible): Eggy Mailorder, Little Axe Distribution, Dusty Groove, Aquarius, Permanent Records, Honest Jons, Forced Exposure, Revolver, City Hall, a million discogs stores & on & on.

    Q - Can I sign somebody else up to the CSR as a gift?
    A - Absolutely!

    Q - I don't live in the US, can I still sign up for the CSR?
    A - Of course, but be warned that shipping on international orders is quite expensive.  Unlike US subscribers, we accept Paypal from internationals, but understand that they charge fees for cross-border payments.  For more detailed information and to sign up, send an email to mississippisubscription@gmail.com

    Q - How often will I receive update emails about what's being sent or other details?
    A - We will only be sending out emails to confirm that payment has been received & to ask if you would like to receive or decline any items that exceed the $13 per unit price point. (Such as the 5 LP African box set coming soon) Otherwise, the only emails you will get from us are answers to emails sent to us!  If you would like to bypass email/the internet completely, send a S.A.S.E along with your questionnaire and you will receive confirmation of payment via post.

    Q - What happens if you go out of business?
    A - We promise in that unlikely event that we will send you back all money owed.

    Q - What happens if I just decide I need my money back?
    A - We'll send you a check for whatever balance is left in your CSR account—no questions asked.

    Q - I love the CSR but my account is running low!  What do I do?
    A - Just send another check!

   Q - Why don't you take credit card or Paypal payments?
   A - Ultimately, it's more political than anything else. We try to not
   support industries that create nothing & do nothing but charge people to buy & sell.  We believe a cultural shift against the banking industry is a good idea & encourage all our customers to cut those monsters out of their lives as much as possible.  Beyond that, not using these "convenience services"  helps us keep costs low & helps us keep track of your money much easier.

    Q - Can I receive Mississippi cassettes through the CSR?
    A - Unfortunately, no. We just can't find a cost effective way to make that happen without charging more for the tapes than they are worth. The only way to get Mississippi cassettes is to stop by the shop in Portland.

    Q - Is the African Guitar Box still available?
    A - Sadly, the guitar box was a very limited run item and is out-of-print.

    Q - Can I get Grouper records through the CSR?
    A - Nope. Eggy mail order has them available frequently as does the Little Axe Records distribution site.

V/A - I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore
V/A - Ghost Woman Blues
Staple Singers - Uncloudy Day
Staple Singers - Swing Low
Staple Singers - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Blind Uncle Gaspard and Delma Lachney - By The Waters Edge
V/A - My Intention Is War
Nancy Dupree and the Ghetto Reality Youngsters - Ghetto Reality
V/A - Which Way Does The Blood Red River Run?
Alkibar Gignor - Le Pax
V/A - Last Kind Words
Neo Boys
Dead Moon - Trash and Burn
Dead Moon - Cracks In The System
Lori Goldston - Creekside
Marisa Anderson - Golden Hour
Marisa Anderson - Mercury
V/A - Time Will Make A Change
Eddie Lee Jones - Yonder Goes That Old Black Dog
Boyd Rivers - You Can't Make Me Doubt
V/A - Assiyo Belema
Alameyahu Eshete
V/A - Seven Skeletons In The Yard
The DeZurik Sisters - Sing and Yodel Their Greatest Hits
Washington Phillips - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
V/A - Laila J'Teme
Dragging An Ox Through Water - Panic Sentry
Rita Abatzi - I'm Burning, I'm Burning
Michael Sterling
Se Rogie - The Sound Of....
Abner Jay - Folk Song Stylist
Cast King - Saw Mill Man
V/A - Modern Maya
Georgia Sea Island Singers - Join The Band
V/A - Fanafody


MR0832 PINS tipon Cov
mr-090 dm unknow passagwLP_tipon_cover
blue hills super chopped
abner jay 7

i dont feel at hom
lomax vol. 1-reduex
Rain dont fall on me
MR-0 Abner Jay Last ole Min TiPON Cov
armchair boogie cov
MR-085 Abdul karim khan cov
Overstreet cover - tiponcovr
MRP-013 time will make a tipon cover
MRP-021 Sticks over my sholder COV
MRP-011boyd rivers cov beta
MRP-001 dm - toomanycrows cov
MRP-016 laila Jetem tipon cov
MRP-027 hasabe cov
mahmoud ahmed cover
MRP-33 kasarbai cov
Rocket infinity thumb
MRP-042 dead moon mystery zone cov
MRP-038 devil cov