Question Formulation Technique to prepare for dialogue with veterans, can be used to prepare for readings, dialogues, films, etc. http://hepg.org/hel-home/issues/27_5/helarticle/teaching-students-to-ask-their-own-questions_507

Meet and Greet Lessonhttp://civilrightsteaching.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Meet-Medgar-Evers-Lesson1.pdf (Here are the images)  Here is another Meet and Greet lesson. This one is based on the story of Selma: http://www.teachingforchange.org/selma-lesson-role-play and one on the murder of Herbert Lee: http://civilrightsteaching.org/resource/voting-rights-murder-mystery/ (Also on the old CRT site -- soon to be new and improved).

Gallery Walk on race and education in Mississippi: http://civilrightsteaching.org/resource/mississippi-education/ (Note this is on the old version of the civilrightsteaching.org website. An update version of the gallery walk will be on the new site by the end of the month.)

Concentric Circles: Description of how to use them and variations, here.

Memorialize hidden history -- here is an example of how to have students create memorials to hidden history from a teacher in Colorado: https://zinnedproject.org/2017/05/peoples-history-hs-students-projects/