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Mississauga Stump Removal provides expert tree stump removal service in Mississauga, Ontario and the surrounding area.  We provide a quality service for the best price in the GTA!

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About Mississauga Stump Removal:
Mississauga Stump Removal is a team of experienced tree technicians whose specialty and full time occupation is the removal of tree stumps.  With years of experience and thousands of stumps removed, we are the experts and no job will "stump" us!


We are committed to our customers and offer Best Job - Best Price guarantee in the Greater Toronto Area.  Professional, reliable and fast - we will take care of all your stump removal needs for the best price.


Mississauga Stump Removal provides a quality job for the best price in the GTA!

How a stump is removed:

Our top of the line stump grinders shave the tree stumps to 6 - 8 inches below grade.  These machines are small enough to get an easy access to almost anywhere on your property, including through a standard gate and do the job in a tight space such as near a fence, behind a shed or close to the house.  They will complete the job quickly and efficiently and won't cause any disturbance to your yard or existing landscape.


Stump grinding is the most economical way to get rid of tree stumps.  Once the stump is ground down to your desired depth, we fill the hole left behind with the wood shavings to decompose in the ground.  Grinding is also the safest and the most environmentally-friendly way to remove that unsightly tree stump, with no chemicals or other hazardous elements used during the process.


After a tree is cut, you are left with an eye sore of the tree stump.  Removal of the stump will ensure the remaining root system will not continue to grow.  Stump removal will also rid your yard of insects and decay that a stump gets over time.  Your landscape will look more attractive and you will have an easier time cutting your grass as well as being able to put down sod or plant flowers where the stump used to be thereby beautifying your yard.

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Mississauga Stump Removal offers quality job for the best price in Mississauga and the surrounding area.  Our experienced stump experts will provide a quality service in a timely manner and our light weight, compact machinery will leave no damage on your property.

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Providing expert tree stump removal service in Mississauga, Ontario and the surrounding area.  We offer a quality job for the best price!

We use top of the line, light-weight machinery that won't cause any damage to your lawn or the existing landscape.


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Quality job for the best price
* Fast appointments
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* Fast and a reliable service

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