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You have been selected as astronauts and scientists to visit the Mars Australian Research Station (M.A.R.S.) on Mars! You'll perform science experiments in the Laboratory and work on the computers in Mission Control.

Before you go you'll need to undertake some research about Mars, and what it's like to live and work on another planet. 

There are two parts to the project:
Mars, the Planet
Living and Working on Mars
  • Use library books, any resources from home, and internet searches to find and create your own project folder. 
  • You will need a manilla folder, sheets of paper, coloured pens, scissors, staples, a glue stick, sticky tape and post-it notes.
  • You may share research and information with other students and discuss and check each other's work. Use the Assessment Rubric to check your project until you have achieved Excellent!
Getting Started

Gate-fold a project folder (a manila folder re-folded). You can keep everything together in the folder until you're ready to assemble it. Use post-it notes to keep track of information.
Make a flapped heading "Mission to MARS Base" and write your name on the inside.

You need to keep a list of all the places you find information that you use. Keep a list of references and when you're ready transfer the information to a Tri-Fold Tab Book.
Books and magazines should include the title and author and date it was published (usually found on the imprint page with other publishing information).

Internet site, the title and date you visited it,

Other resources should include the name of the program (for TV etc) and the date you saw it, or the name of the person you spoke to, and any qualifications they might have, eg. your teacher.

Fold a piece of A5 paper in half, turn it around and fold into three. Cut along red dotted lines to create tabs, fold outer sections into centre to create booklet.

Vocabulary Pocket
Write any new words on slips of paper, with definitions or explanations on the reverse, and keep them together in the Vocabulary Pocket.

To make a Drinking Cup Pocket, take an A4 sheet and fold corner to corner to create a square and cut off the remaining strip. Fold the square in half diagonally, creating a triangle, fold the long edges in, creating a pocket, and then separate the paper in the top flap, tuck the front piece forward and the back piece behind. 


Now you're ready to begin your Project! Mars, the Planet