This site provides pre-mission training for year 8 and 9 students attending the Victorian Space Science Education Center's Mission to Mars. There are three parts to this training. 

For students:

For Teachers:

This site has been designed for delivery to the 'flipped classroom'. Students are expected to familiarise themselves with the content as homework, and undertake the 'TASK's  and keep a science notebook in class time, but please feel free to adapt the material to your particular situation. The science content is aligned with the Australian National Curriculum. 

Attached as files at the bottom of the page are Teacher Instructions for the visit to VSSEC (Read Me First)  and a Student Information Sheet which should be filled out and emailed to bookings@vssec.vic.edu.au.


Some video clips have been embedded from YouTube and may contain advertising. VSSEC and the Victorian Department of Education and Childhood Development does not endorse any advertising material included in instructional videos.

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