Recycle your old technology:
The development and change over of technology in the western world is staggering.   New computers and mobile phones are now being offered on a more regular basis than ever before.   Some mobile phone recycling companies have sprung up to which you can sell you old mobile for cash but what they advertise and what you are actually offered for your old mobile is very different.
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We can use your old technology:
Mission International can use your old technology.   Please let us know if you have equipment you can donate which will be of use to those in the developing world.
Pay its way:
If you would like to donate an item to help the poor, you may also like to consider paying its way to its destination in the developing world.   Small items can be taken as our team members visit the projects we support but larger items need to be containerised to be sent out.   1 cubic metre of space (1m x 1m x 1m) costs about £40 to send.   An item like a computer and printer when boxed up can use about 1 cubic metre of space in a container.   Of course we would be delighted to receive your donation of technology however a donation to pay its way would benefit this project immensely.

Many schools in the developing world are in need of computers to allow young people to gain the skills necessary to compete for jobs in the modern world.   Is your school, college, place of work getting rid of some computers?  Please let us know if they can be donated to this Mission international project.
Memory Sticks/Cards:
Now that memory sticks (flash drives/pen drives) are able to store 256GB of information and more, the sticks which came on the market holding 32MB up to 1GB are finding their way into the back of a drawer where they may lie forgotten forever.   These items are of huge value to students and others using computer equipment in cyber cafes and who share computer equipment at school and university in the developing world.   Your old memory stick can really help the user to become more digitally independent.  

The benefits of having a laptop to many in the developing world is easily seen when the power goes off, a regular occurence in most communities with growing populations and limited resources.   A laptop can mean that the user does not lose their work after an unexpected power cut or that work can go on in places where space for a desktop PC is not available.
Mobile Phones:
Old mobile phones can be used to begin a small business or to provide a means of communication for remote communities.

Digital Cameras:
Now that the digital camera technology has moved on many people have older but still serviceable digital cameras somewhere in the house or office.   Your old camera can be used to set up a small business 
opportunity as families try to record weddings and other family events, yet don't have the resources to do so themselves. Also those who manage and run Mission International projects in the developing world need a digital camera to send back updated images of the projects allowing donors to see the newest developments in the projects they have supported.   Please consider sending us your old camera with any charger and other accessories it may have; it will be of great value to us and to those we serve.

When calculators fist came into more widespread public use in the early 1970s even the most basic versions were very expensive.   Nowadays however they can be purchased very cheaply for those of us who use them regularly.   Students and other users in the developing world find though still find it difficult to afford or acquire a decent calculator since the cost to them is still very prohibitive.   Your old calculator can make a huge difference to a student in the a country where technology is still relatively extremely high value.

AM/FM Radios:
Now that plans are well under way to scrap the AM/FM radio bands currently broadcasting in the UK in favour of digital radio, millions of AM/FM radios sets will be redundant here in the UK.   These redundant sets however are of great value to the poor who struggle to find the means to purchase a radio to listen to news and entertainment programmes.   Many Christian broadcasts are also transmitted to these sets across borders where this kind of programming is not available.   Please consider sending us your old AM/FM radio set (Portable sets most acceptable) and we will pass it on to someone in need.
Public Address equipment:
This equipment does not regularly appear second hand but dated but working equipment is very useful for churches in the developing world who find this very difficult to afford.

Digital Projection equipment:
Now that technology has moved on and up-to-date projectors and equipment have become very much state of the art, it may be that you have now old or becoming obsolete equipment that you could donate for use in the developing world.   Some older projectors for example are large and cumbersome for easy carry/quick assemble that is required for the modern office or classroom.   If you have this kind of serviceable equipment and would like to see it used in the developing world, then please talk to us about donating it to our work/projects.

Musical Instruments:
In particular acoustic or electric guitars and electronic keyboards are useful for those wishing to learn and to use musical instruments in the developing world.   Many churches would like to develop their worship potential and modernise where they can and so being able to get hold of instruments of this kind will help them a lot.

There are times when companies change their logo or have leftover items following an advertising campaign which they no longer need and which can be easily used in the developing world.   Pens, pencils and other items with the company logo or advertising slogan on them.   T-shirts and baseball caps all can be used to support the poor.  If your organisation would like to make some space in the storage cupboards by moving now dated merchandise items then please send them on to Mission International and we will make sure they are used in support of the poor.

Send your items to:
If you have an item of technology you would like to donate to needy people in the developing world please send it to:

Mission Technology,
Mission International,
25 Tait's Lane,
Dundee, DD2 1DZ,
Scotland, UK.

If you would like to contact us to discuss this project please use the following email address and we will get back to you.   mail@mission-international.org