Ian says:  
I hope I never forget the experiences and that my fresh passion to make a difference won't wane

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So why did I go to Burundi?  I had the feeling that it was important for me to see what poverty looked like, since so many people in the world are poor according to western standards; I felt it might change my heart.  I was also challenged by something that Bill Hybels from Willow Creek Church said about the two experiences which seemed to be behind rapid spiritual growth - the experience of personal trauma (like serious illness) or the experience of working with the poor.  I certainly wanted to grow more spiritually and the second option seemed preferable!
What did I experience?  In no particular order:-

Jan Says:
"Thankyou for the privilege of serving You, Jesus, in that amazing country.  And thank You Lord for touching so many hearts,...."

Hmmm, where to begin!! lt should probably be how God supplied everything to make this trip possible, because He did, as always, financially, physically and mentally, or should that be emotionally?? Bit of each l think!!
lt was around my birthday in October, 2009, that l told my kids how l felt l was going to be off to Africa again in 2010. To Kenya this time and working with the Masai people. And it was then than that l realised, 'Yeah, l am going off to Africa again', and my tummy did its usual triple flip at the thought of it!  And, in no time at all, July 2010 was nearly here! 
Yep., as ever l relied on God to equip me with EVERYthing needed to make this trip possible. He is a great big God with a great big heart and touched lots of hearts to help the poorest of the poor in the bush in Kenya, people that l will always be grateful to for their generosity.    He even helped me keep my cool going thru all the different airports on the way, and when l watched as l was deprived of all that l felt was essential to me, all the lotions and potions, the make up (!!!!!!) Gaviscon,AAHH, it gave me tummy ache to think about going with out it!, and other non-essential essentials! ln other words, l left behind all the bits that were definitely NOT going to make Gods work in me any stronger or better.

Rheagan says:
"...Being on a Mission International team has changed my life,  allowing me to help others in desperate physical need, and those in spiritual need too, to know God. I have been changed in an exciting way. When I arrived in Burundi, something was different, the people were different, they loved each other, their desire for God was unbelievable; people at home should be allowed to see their happiness. You don't need to be wealthy to have God, thats what I have realised.   When we went to their church services and churches, to be honest we discovered you don't need anything to worship God they didn't even have Bibles or proper seats, they were worshiping God in a way that nothing could have stopped them or distracted them.  They simply had the Word of God being passed down from others, or being taught to them.   What I learned is that all you need is a heart and a passion for God and He will enter, and make your life worth living.
Being in Burundi changed me in so many ways, I realised I didn't need a big wardrobe full of clothes, or loads of food, or even a Bible.   By going on a team I realised God is the only one that will give you happiness, the rest of the things in the world only last for a short time, they might give you happiness but it will finally cease.
My passion for God was inspired by just meeting our other brothers and sisters, our African ones.   It's great to see how people can praise
and worship their Lord in a completely different way, they move and sing like nothing else matters in their life, that's the way it should be.   I loved how the team leader said on our trip, and this will always stay in my mind, that "the Burundians will be the first to go to heaven", and I totally agree, they put their heart and soul into thei
r worshipping.

Over all, this trip changed what I wanted to do for a job, what I eat or waste, or even what I do, because Burundians are really hard workers, it puts me to shame, even their amount of effort into learning 3-4 different languages, and saying hello to you in your language to be polite, and we go over with managing only one language.

Thank you Mission International, you didn't just go over there to see the country, you went over there to help people find their way to God, and if that costs thousands and thousands of pounds its worth it, you cant buy salvation.
Thank you."
David says:
   "...My heart was thudding in my chest, but more than that, I felt bathed in the Holy Spirit,..."
"Here follows an attempt to describe, as well as can be done, the work of Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit on behalf of the Father working through a group of people elected by Them to go and proclaim the life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus to the people of Burundi. As with such descriptions of the work of the Living God, with the exception of the divinely inspired Bible, this represents a futile attempt to convey the glory, splendour and life transforming truth of the character of God as reflected by His works.

This most courageous prayer by the great medical missionary David Livingstone has been very much on my heart this past year:

Lord, send me anywhere, only go with me. Lay any burden on me, only sustain me. Sever any ties but the tie that binds me to Thy service and to Thy heart.” – Dr. David Livingstone

In July 2009 the Dundee based Christian charity Mission International (http://www.mission-international.org) took a team of 15 people to the central African country of Burundi. The team comprised one doctor, one dentist and his son (undergrad theology student), three CMF-Dundee medical students (CMF, Christian Medical Fellowship, www.cmf.org.uk), the sister and brother-in-law of our team leader, and the daughter-in-law of the aforementioned sister, along with her daughter and two friends, and finally the daughter of the again aforementioned sister and her son. We had only met briefly before the trip (I myself had not met anyone until arriving at the airport), but even before we left we had a clear sense of purpose; that each member was there by the will of Him who gives life and for His purposes in Burundi. Each brought a unique set of abilities and talents to the group, which made for a far much more enriching experience.

It was November 2008 when Christ Jesus laid it on the hearts of those who would eventually lead the team to begin preparing for the trip, and by the work of Christ in Spirit, that being the Holy Spirit, the rest of us were also called to go and serve there.

For most of us this would be our first time in a developing country, myself included. I was excited but felt unprepared because of unforeseen university commitments that didn’t finish until five days prior to departure. Nevertheless, I trusted in Him who had led me through many much worse situations with a clear and guiding hand. So, after a long day of travelling and some sleep, I was ready!

The first five days were spent in the capital Bujumbura were we met with our partners REMA ministries. They were to be our organisers and translators for the duration of the trip. The life transforming nature of Jesus residing in the heart of man was so evident in these men, and was a real inspiration to us all. Listening to them talk about how for one, as a child, he saw his father murdered in front of him and 30 years later went and forgave the man who killed him. Similarly, it was absorbing to hear how another had to flee to the nearby Congo as a refugee when civil war broke out in Burundi and his experiences both there and in Burundi as a Christian were remarkable. more