Teams Information

The general purposes behind our teams are as follows:
  • To hear God's call and to endeavour to respond to it and fulfil it as an organisation.
  • To support overseas partners in reaching their goals i.e. evangelism, teaching, resourcing projects etc.
  • To link churches, organisations, individuals and communities in the developed western world with those in the developing world.
  • To give opportunity to individuals, churches and organisations in the UK/Europe/USA to share and develop their calling, ministry and skills with those who are in need of them.
  • There is no age upper limit for Mission International teams.  Anyone over the age of 16 years can apply, however those under 18 years require parental consent to travel with and become part of a team.
  • Background:
    • Mission International has now developed strong partnerships with Churches and Organisations in the developing world. .  Currently we are partnering in Burundi, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.
  • Team objectives:
    • To support the local church in its ministry to men, women and children.
    • To support the local church in its evangelism.
    • To support the development of church leaders
    • To release Mission International team members into current and new areas of ministry which will benefit the UK church and our partner church and organisations.
    • To open up opportunities for Mission Medics practitioners.  (This can be medical, dental, community health, midwifery, etc, etc).
    • To develop an opportunity for Medical Elective students to exercise their skills in a developing world situation.
    • To consider suitable projects which a Mission International team can support in the longer term.
  • Likely activities:
    • Teams is likely to have a range of facets e.g. (Evangelism, women's ministry, children's ministry, church leadership training, Mission Medics, Medical Electives).
    • Daily activities in line with the available and new skills as per the list above.
    • The daily schedule is likely to be - Devotions, breakfast, daily planning, activities, lunch, activities, rest, dinner, team time, devotions, bed.
    • There will be time for R&R where we can do something together as a team, a trek or a game park or the like.
  • Team costs:
    • Mission International prices teams on a 'cost' basis i.e. there are no profits made by Mission International.  What we pay is what a team  member pays. (This is heavily dependent on the cost of flights etc).    Total team prices depend heavily on flight costs, accommodation costs and food costs.   
The team budget will include:
  1. Flights from and return to UK departure airport.
  2. Visa cost
  3. Travel Insurance (please see insurance document under 'insurance').
  4. Accommodation in country of deployment.
  5. Food whilst on the team.
  6. Water - 2 litres of bottled water per day per person.
  7. Transport in country.
  8. Project cost. (a contribution to the team's project £100 minimum).
  9. Mission International T-Shirt (one free T shirt is included in your team budget, to order more Mission International team clothing use the clothing order form attached at the bottom of this page).
The team budget will not include:
  1. Transport to and from the UK departure airport.
  2. Vaccinations, anti-malarials and certificates required.
  3. Food and drinks in airports.
  4. Recreation.
  5. Spending money. (£50-£75 will be adequate).