Teams 2011

Mission Medics team to Burundi:
A mission medics team is already being planned to visit Burundi during the summer of 2011.   It is still early days to be able to give a lot of detail on this team however those already interested have enrolled in a course on tropical medicine in London during the summer of 2010 in order that they can skill up for their trip in 2011.
If you are interested in this team please contact the team on
Other teams in 2011:
It is likely that there will be other mission teams in 2011, the following partners have invited Mission International to send a team:
                                                                        The Mang'ati people near Morogoro, Tanzania.
  1. Burundi - plans currently under way
  2. Uganda
  3. Rwanda
  4. Ghana - plans currently under way
  5. Kenya - plans currently under way
  6. Tanzania - plans currently under way
  7. Haiti - plans currently under way
  8. Honduras
  9. India - See Video
If you are interested in any of these possible team destinations please contact us on or just go ahead and complete an application form, a copy of which is attached at the foot of this page.   (Completing an application form does not commit you to anything, but it does allow Mission International to guage firm interest and to begin some of the paper work required.   The point of commitment is when you pay your initial deposit for the team).

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