Support Mission Teams

'The Call' needs support!
There are those who really are called by God to 'Go into all the world...' but due to lack of funding are restricted in where they can go and what they can do.   Your support can make the difference between being able to respond positively to God's call and remaining at home.
Obvious change!
Reports received by Mission International from parents and from other interested parties like church leaders and school teachers have identified obvious change in the values and behaviours of those who have been part of a Mission Team.
Your support: 
If you would like to support Missionary endeavour within the developing world where many still need to hear the Gospel and require the gifts and skills of trained practitioners, please use the PayPal link or the forms attached below.
Just Giving
You can now support Mission International teams via Just Giving - click on the Just Giving logo below to visit the Mission International page from which you can set up your own fundraising page.
Hugh Henderson,
15 Jun 2010, 11:52