Apply for a team

Team application process: 

(A downloadable paper application form attached at the foot of this page - an online application form is available here).

After completing the on-line or downloadable teams application form the process of planning for your team will be started,   Completing a teams application form this does not commit you to anything at that stage, however it does allow us to gauge the level of interest in any team.   The point of committment is when you pay your deposit for the team.
   The application process goes something like this:
  1. Team member expresses an interest in a team
  2. Application form is completed & returned to our Mission Teams desk.
  3. Mission International contact and get responses from your references.
  4. Applications reviewed and applicants told if they have been successful or otherwise.
  5. Application formally accepted
  6. Disclosure (police check) process is initiated. (Should your disclose highlight uncover items not disclosed you may be removed from the team immediately, your deposit will also be at risk).
  7. Budget is published for individual teams detailing what is covered by your payments and what is not (see details following).
  8. Deposit is payable (non-refundable) Usually around £100
  9. Intermediate payment (remaining flights payment)
  10. Teams training takes place (final team payment due)
During the period between your application being accepted and your final payment being paid you need to fundraise to pay for your fare and expenses as well as any project funding you can gather.  Regular email updates will be sent to you from Mission international to let you know relevant team information.
General team costs:
Below is a list of items included and those not included in the cost of your trip.   Please ask if you would like more specific details on this.   More detail will be given and questions accepted at training event.
Included in team costs:
  • Return flights from/to departure/return UK airport (to country of deployment).
  • Insurance - MI Policy, you are at liberty to take further insurance at your own cost - policy available for inspection.
  • Entry/exit visas (these may be required before departure so your passport may be sent to the appropriate embassy/high commission in advance of your trip, postage costs may be added).
  • Transport in country - safe transport is provided for the team.
  • Accommodation - often very basic but safe.
  • Food - high standardsare usualy provided by our hosts/partners.
  • Water - sealed bottled water provided up to 2 litres/day minimum.
  • Mission International T-Shirt - extras can be purchased - prices on application.

Not included in team costs:

  • Travel to/from departure/return UK airport
  • Innoculations
  • Malaria tablets
  • Spending money - £50 is plenty
  • Access to game park or other tourist attractions.
  • Return flight at a time not agreed in advance with Mission International
Teams Training:
Everyone taking part in a Mission International team will be required to attend one of our training events, these can take place adjacent to our headquarters in Dundee, or if the team is from a specific area, nearby the team's location.
Training will include:
  • An introduction to mission
  • Your hosts and destination
  • Your involvement
  • What is the Gospel?
  • Safety issues
  • Health issues
  • Travel issues
  • Behaviour issues
  • Kit List
  • Child protection issues
  • Culture issues
 To apply for a Mission International team please use the form attached below 
Training room ready to recieve trainees

Team members receive training 22nd May 2010